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Hulk Hogan vs. "Former Big Show" Paul Wight in Memphis on April 27th; Lawler Out Of The Match; Details on Press Conference Including WWE and TNA Talk

By James Guttman
Apr 12, 2007, 13:00


At today's press conference for the Hulk Hogan vs. Jerry Lawler match in Memphis, we learned that the match has been changed to Former Big Show, Paul Wight, vs. Hulk Hogan. Lawler, due to contractual obligations, could not take place.

Hogan stated that this is his first independent show. Wight said he is now 60 pounds lighter and ready to break out of the shadow of "The Giant" and "The Big Show."

Hulk spoke about how this match was set for WrestleMania, but WWE decided "to focus on other things." He also put over Memphis Wrestling.

Also, it was stated that WWE asked Memphis Wrestling to pull the show and offered to refund the promotion's money for it.

"Like most of the talent around the world, I'm not owned by Vince McMahon anymore. I'm free."- Wight

Wight spoke about how he's looking forward to keeping more than .03% of his marketing money. 

Paul also commented on TNA and put over Kurt Angle big. He did say that he's clumsy outside the ring. Also named Billy Gunn as a close friend.

* Christian Cage's TNA conference call will take place at 2pm EST. We'll have the full call up on  once it's over.   Christian's appearance on Radio Free Insanity the week he first one the NWA Title (along with over 60 other interviews) are also avalailable on the Club.

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