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Raw Insanity Note, Insanity Anniversary Question, UFC, Jerry Lawler, Disco Inferno, Chris Daniels, and Much More

By James Guttman
Apr 16, 2007, 13:11


Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a note and say that there won't be a Raw Insanity tonight. My schedule is a bit hectic this month, so it's making things a little difficult. There will be a Raw Insanity next Monday, but not on the 30th either, as I'll be out of town. There will still be Radio Free Insanities this week and then, so don't worry too much.

Besides, Miss Mallory Mahling will be around tonight to keep you guys up to the minute with her Real Time Raw Report. Mal has been doing awesome with her recaps and now with Ultimate Fighter Season back in full swing, Mallory is ready to keep you up to the minute on all the results and situations from UFC's Spike TV presentations.

On the subject of RFI, don't forget to check out this week's edition of JGs Radio Free Insanity with Road Warrior Animal. While plenty of subjects are discussed in the RFI, you definitely want to check out the full Club interview. The founding member of the Legion of Doom joined me on for an unedited 42 minute shoot about Rocco, WWF Politics, Hawk's problems with management, John Heidenreich stealing his gimmick and more.

I received some emails this week asking about the anniversary of World Wrestling Insanity. Some have asked if we began right after the new year, which is simply not true. I began doing full time on October 5th, 2005 - long after the start of the year. Our first Radio Free Insanity and Dr. Tom Prichard's column debuted that month as well. It would probably be easier to remember the anniversary if it was at the start of the year, but alas - it's not. Two years this October and I couldn't be happier with how things have turned out here and at the Club.

Big thanks to Aaron Wood for covering last night's TNA Lockdown. Our favorite writer from Scotland (OK, he's the only writer we know from Scotland, but he's still awesome) covered the entire show and did an excellent job. I'll have my post-Lockdown audio up on  at some point today or tomorrow.

Be sure to check back for this week's Radio Free Insanity guest. If it's who I plan on interviewing, I think you guys will definitely enjoy it.

I thought it might be a good idea to look at some names in the wrestling news this week and mention which ones are available in interview form on . Remember, there's far more than this. You can read a complete list on the main free page of .

Glen "Disco Inferno" Gilberti -

Arrested this week in Georgia as part of a gambling raid. Disco appeared on the October 1, 2006 show. His uncut ClubWWI interview went on for 43 minutes.

Jerry The King Lawler -

Backed out of Memphis match with Hulk Hogan for April 27th. Lawler discussed many topics including the possibility of wrestling Hogan on the March 11th, 2007 edition. Jerry's full ClubWWI interview lasted for one hour.

Brother Devon -

Team 3D captured the NWA tag team titles at Lockdown. Devon joined the May 5th, 2006 show to talk about TNA and whether he'd ever return to the "new" ECW. 

Vince Russo
The chants continue from TNA fans to "fire" Vince from the company.  Whether you agree or not, you can hear from the man himself.  Russo joined the December 2nd. 2005 show to talk about his new outlook on life.

Harley Race

Honored at last night's Lockdown, Harley's ClubWWI shoot lasted for 70 minutes and was part of the February 4th, 2007 Radio Free Insanity.

Christopher Daniels
Daniels defeated Jerry Lynn last night at TNA's Lockdown PPV. Daniels, at the time X-Division Champ, joined the show to discuss his career on March 24th, 2006

Remember, there's over 60 other shoot interviews available on ClubWWI.  For less than $5 a month, you can hear them all.  Be sure to check it out.

Be Well,


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