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Send Your ROH DVD Reviews, Doug Basham's Weird Eyes, Dustin vs. Dusty, Brent Albright, How Demolition First Got Back Into Contact With Each Other, and More

By James Guttman
May 3, 2007, 14:30


Hey guys,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we'll have coverage of Ring of Honor on Pay-Per-View as the shows debut. As we've said before, if it's on television, we have you covered. Up until now, we've featured sporadic live reports and reader DVD reviews of ROH, but with the addition of pay TV to their schedule, we'll have more.

With Ring of Honor's PPV debut coming up, you're encouraged to send over any DVD reviews you might have to . We can't print all the reviews we receive, but we'll put up a bunch. Be sure to paste your review in the body of your email (no attachments) and use your real name when submitting (or at least something that is a real name, even if not yours. In other words, no "BigDickAwesomeSavageFan22" or anything like that.)

Hopefully you had a chance to listen to Orlando Jordan's newest edition of Club OJ on The former WWE U.S. Champion and I spoke for over 50 minutes about a ton of things including ROH on PPV, Small Wrestlers vs. Big Wrestlers, Crazy Fans (Not you…those other crazy fans - honestly, wait till you hear the stories), and much more. OJ spoke about former Cabinet stablemates Amy Weber and the Bashams. He had positive things to say, although he did bring up Doug's weird eyes. Don't tell Doug about that one…

Orlando follows Lisa Moretti's monster 95 minute Smack Talk last week. Lisa spoke about her new career path and so much more. Between these two shows, D-Lo Brown's Lo-Down and Kevin Kelly's Big Picture, there's plenty of content to keep you busy on

If you haven't made it to the Club yet, you can always check out this week's RFI This time around we presented
JG‘s Radio Free Insanity with Dustin Rhodes. Dustin talks about the Hall of Fame, Cody, a proposed tag match against his dad and Vince McMahon, and more.

While plenty of subjects are discussed in the RFI, you definitely want to check out the full Club interview. Rhodes joined me on for an unedited 45 minute shoot about politics in WWF, being scolded by Vince in front of the boys, Booker T, Razor Ramon, the wrestler who got Goldust over, Luna, and tons more.

We'll have details on this week's guest in the next day or so, so keep your eyes peeled.

Once again, let's look at some names in the wrestling news this week and mention which ones are available in interview form on . Remember, there's far more than this. You can read a complete list on the main free page of .

Tom Prichard
Deep South Wrestling is over, but the Good Doctor Tom still has work to do for WWE. Before heading back to the company, Tom served as host of "Tuesdays With Tom," a weekly audio show that ushered in the rotating hosts we have today. All 19 editions of Prichard's show as well as his three appearances on Radio Free Insanity are all up on ClubWWI.

Jimmy Hart - 4/27 Memphis Wrestling Live Report

The Mouth of the South was on hand for the April 27th show featuring Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Wight. I interviewed Jimmy on St. Patrick's Day 2006. His interview is available now on ClubWWI.

Slick - 4/27 Memphis Wrestling Live Report

The Doctor of Style was also in Memphis. Also, just last month, he made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania.  It's funny to think that he first announced he was taking bookings again in his 40 minute ClubWWI shoot.

Tracy Smothers

Long before Vince McMahon won the ECW Title, Tracy Smothers was not happy with his early vision for the Extreme promotion. Smothers served as a trainer for the original ECW and held nothing back in a straight shooting discussion on ClubWWI on June 9th, 2006.

Brent Albright

With Ring of Honor going to pay-per-view, Brent Albright has a chance to return to TV following his WWE stint as Gunner Scott. Brent joined Radio Free Insanity on January 21, 2007 to talk about life in ROH. His 38 minute uncut interview is also available on ClubWWI


With so much talk about the duo reuniting for fan conventions, many faithful RFI listeners remembered that it was Radio Free Insanity that got both Ax and Smash back together. When I spoke to them, they indicated it had been years since they talked.  Barry Darsow and Bill Eadie both appeared on the June 3rd 2006 show and kept in contact following it. You can hear it now on ClubWWI.

AJ Styles

He's on the cover of the new Inside Wrestling. Not really sure if that's news, but TNA announced it on their website, so I'm counting it. AJ was on Radio Free Insanity on March 10th, 2006. The full show is available on ClubWWI.

Christopher Daniels - ROH Chicago Report

Before TNA pulled their talent from Ring of Honor, Chris pulled himself…well, you know what I mean. Daniels left ROH last week with a spectacular heel promo on the way out the door. He joined RFI to discuss his career on March 24th, 2006.

Remember, there's over 60 other shoot interviews available on ClubWWI. For less than $5 a month, you can hear them all. Be sure to check it out.

Be Well,


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