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Random Thoughts From Matt Dawgs: Injured Taker, Mr. Mania In The Bank, The Great Khali, The Great One, Paris Hilton, Horsemen, ROH, and Much More

By Matt Dawgs
May 4, 2007, 16:29


Random Thoughts, Opinions, Questions and Observations.

Greetings from under the New Blue Yankee cap. Sorry for the little two week hiatus but I got a baby coming in one month and things are a little hectic around my parts. But I am back and I got tons to cover to let’s get to it.

We Love Bobby!!! We still do. Sure he isn’t the ECW champion anymore and is going to be remembered as the guy who lost the ECW title to Vince McMahon, big deal. I am sure Donald still loves him.

Did you see Johnny Nitro on RAW? He actually had a match this time. Sure he lost, but who cares? That kid has a bright future. Mark my words, he will be somebody.

It is a great time to be a TV watcher. The Sopranos, The Shield, Lost, 24 and Heroes are firing on all cylinders now and the past two weeks have put on some of the best episodes of TV in a long, long time. If you aren’t a fan of any of these shows, you are really missing out. Damn good stuff. This past weeks Lost when Sawyer (aka James Ford) killed Sawyer (Anthony Cooper) was probably the best acted scene in the history of the show. Fantastic stuff.

Undertaker is down for 6-8 months. That is a horrific blow to WWE and Smackdown especially. He was really on a roll as champ and should have held that title for the entire length of time he is going to be out for. It is real unfortunate that he is going to miss time, especially since this was supposed to be a long title reign for him. I do hope that WWE has the decency to give him another title run once he returns from injury.

I also hope that if the current plan is to give Batista another run as champion, they do so with him as a heel champion. A) He has more opponents as a heel than a face and B) he seems to be working better playing the heel in the feud with Taker. His work has stepped up a notch. If not, WWE needs to pull the trigger on Kennedy cashing in his MITB shot ASAP instead of waiting for Mania.

By the way, that was damn good booking having Kennedy announce on RAW that he was waiting to Mania to cash it in. Long term planning is something WWE lacks lately. Either way, if he cashes it in at Mania, then so be it. If he cashes it in early, well he is a heel so he can just say he lied. Instant heel heat.

Rumors are circling that RVD choose to reject the contract offer given to him by WWE and he will test the free agent market once his contract is up this summer. My guess is that in the end, he will resign still but I do see a clear picture of his immediate future and it includes doing a job to Mr. McMahon on the way out. Pure comedy gold.

Great Khali in the WWE title picture? HAHAHAHAHA. Someone in WWE creative as a sense of humor.

Did anyone watch TNA this week? Yeah, me neither. I don’t know how a show that has more better “wrestlers” than either WWE broadcast (Raw or Smackdown) can be so goddamn piss poor. My brain hurts everytime I watch it lately and I used to be one of their biggest supporters but really, fans dug TNA because it wasn’t WWE. It was an alternative. I am sure that half of TNA’s fans don’t want to see Team 3D, Sting, Angle and Christian on top of the cards and would prefer seeing LAX, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Abyss over them. You got Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, AJ, Joe, Senshi, Starr all floundering in the middle of nowhere and former “stars” running the top of the card. It is sickening. Angle vs Sting on free TV with only one week build up? WTF? Who is the genius behind that one?

I miss Trish Straus although this Mickie James vs. Melina feud is pretty good and both women have stepped their game up in the ring. Funny thing is, they dislike each other in real life which makes it all the more interesting. It also shows that even though they don’t get along, both are professionals. I only wish they would allow Jillian Hall and Ariel to compete against them too. I miss the women’s of old that had decent wrestling in it.

Where is Beth Phoenix? Remember when she was Mickie’s stalker and then got hurt? I know she is healed and in OVW. Bring her back up.

Saw the Horsemen DVD this past week. God damn is it great. Watch it as soon as humanely possible so you can see a “gang/stable” that will never be rivaled in this sport. If the original Horsemen were before your time than this DVD is a must have/must see. It is THAT good. HHH comments best on Paul Roma being a Horsemen. HHH: “I remember when they had that big segment where Flair, Ole and Arn were all in tuxedo’s and Flair announced the 4th Horsemen. I remember waiting with anticipation as Flair was speaking. Is it Tully? It’s got to be Tully. Maybe they brought back Windham. That would be sweet. Then Flair announced Pretty Paul Roma. I remember saying, That job guy from the WWE? Really?” PURE COMEDY GENIUS!!!!

Spider-man 3 opens this week. I plan on seeing it. Are you? Hopefully it isn’t the last one but it may be. How about Kirsten Dunst having the balls to say that if they decided to make a 4th without her, Tobey McGuire and Sam Rami, it would flop. Um….No. I can see it flopping without Tobey because he is most recognized with Spider-man but both Sam and Kiki can take a hike and you still have a $400 million profit EASILY. Yeah, I said it.

Britney Spears is back. Well she is trying to be back. She is on the comeback trail with mini concerts at House of Blues clubs all across California. I wouldn’t even call them concerts considering they are roughly from 10-15 minutes in length. She does look hot again though and I want to see her with her bald head looking hot too.

So Ring of Honor is coming to pay per view. I wish them the best. I know Gabe and Cary have the best intentions in mind but unless they got another financial backer flipping the bill or are only going to charge $9.99 for these pay per views, I am not sure how they are going to turn a profit. As some of you know, you do not see pay per view returns for several months after the PPV has taken place. Mind you, they aren’t running live pay per views so that is going to save on production costs but still, I am sure this is going to be an expense either way and I hope they can manage to keep the product level up and make tons of money. Not for nothing, I will buy a ROH pay per view even without TV to hype it over a TNA PPV that is main evented by Christian vs. Angle vs. Sting any day of the week. And this is coming from someone who was at ROH’s first show and hasn’t seen an ROH show in several months and probably doesn’t know half the roster. So that is saying something. I do find it real f*cked up that Homicide won’t get a goodbye appearance at ROH though. He deserves it. If it wasn’t for ROH, he wouldn’t be in TNA. Oh well, what can you do?

Anyone see the Hoff drunk and eating a cheese burger off the floor? GOLD!!!

Shane’s World College Invasion is damn good stuff.

Saw a new Fantasic Four 2 preview. Light years better looking than that drivel that was part 1. Hopefully the script is better too.

Carlito turned on Ric Flair. Shocker. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

That was sarcasm by the way.

MVP is the man, Plain and simple. He has stepped up his game and is on his way to becoming a full fledged main eventer. I know some people are upset that he lost to Benoit again at Backlash but I in no way think that has affected his credibility at all. MVP has beaten Benoit in a non-title match and more importantly, his feud with Benoit is giving him credibility. There is storyline purpose to this. He is showing new moves, out wrestling Benoit and basically proving that he can hang with one of the best yet manages to come up short. First it was the diving headbutt that finished him off at Wrestlemania. The rematch was MVP avoiding the headbutt at all costs and trying to counter the crossface only to get rolled up for a 3 count. Next time, I predict that MVP wins cleanly and Benoit shakes his hand thus “making him” in the process. Booking 101.

The Golden State Warriors became the first ever #8 seed to beat a #1 seed in a 7 game series of the NBA playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks are going home and once again, Dirk Nowitski failed to step up like he did last year in the NBA finals and carry his team. Dwayne Wade called him out on it last year and I am calling him out on it this year. Dirk, if you don’t lead by example then you AREN’T a leader. Step your game up Dirk.

WWE 24/7 is currently in Latino month (since it is Cinco De Mayo this month I guess) and they have some damn good stuff showing. They are airing the RAW tribute to Eddie Guerrero, WCW When World Collide Pay per view from 1994 which according to Dave Meltzer was by far the greatest pay per view from a wrestling standpoint he has ever seen. Most of you have probably never seen it or heard of it since there weren’t any WCW stars on it. Eric Bischoff just lent a hand in helping promote in inside the United States and had Chris Cruise and Mike Tenay call it for American fans. Wrestling on the card were Octagon and El Hijo Del Santo taking on Los Gringos Locos (Art Bar and Eddie Guerrero) in a 2 out of 3 falls Mask vs. Hair match. Fantastic match.

CM Punk and Elijah Burke still have me intrigued. Good booking WWE.

Paris Hilton may get to spend 45 days in the pen. Sucks for her but no one told her to get a DWI and then get her license suspended and then drive while the license was suspended. She acts a fool and thinks she is going to get away with it. The DA is pushing for her to do time. Honestly, I hope she does. Spoiled little rich b*tch.

Carl Pavano, what more can I say? He may need Tommy John surgery and if so, will miss the remainder of this season and all of next season for the NY Yankees. Jesus H. Chr*st. The man signed a 4 year 40 million dollar contract and that contract is going to expire with him only pitching roughly about 10 games. LOL. Easy money Carl. Easy money.

Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. You want my prediction? Floyd by decision. Easily.

Mirko Cro Cop got knocked the F*CK OUT. Man.

Am I the only one digging the Kane/Boogeyman tag team? They rule.

When the hell is Senshi going to be added to LAX? *sigh* missing the boat TNA is.

Now that Britney is working hard to get her life in order, When is WWE going to jump back on the Kevin Federline bandwagon and sign him to a deal. I miss him. Really do.

Remember around Mania when I said that I thought Armando Alejandro Estrada was going to get pushed away from Umaga because Vince isn’t going to play second fiddle to him? Just thought I’d remind you guys.

I’m glad that WWE has taken action against Randy Orton for his unprofessional conduct. There’s nothing like punishing a main event star for bad behavior by letting him wrestle in a main event of a pay per view. If they really wanted to punish him, they’d send him to Smackdown and let him win the World Title off the Undertaker. That would show him!!!!!

Michael “P.S.” Hayes is said to be on the top of the food chain in the WWE now a days. Good for him. I always liked the Freebirds and I remember when I was a kid and they showed World Class on ESPN, watching Hayes, Garvin and Roberts feud with the Von Erichs was fun. Hayes was the man and has one of the best looking punches in the business. It’s a crapshoot as to who number one is punch wise but the top three are Hayes, Bobby Eaton and Scott Hall.

I miss the Rock. He was amazing.

I get asked a lot who is the best promo guy of all time in wrestling and my answer always surprises people. I think it is Arn Anderson. I hear all the arguments for Flair and Foley being number one, Even some votes for Jake Roberts but as far as consistently good promos go, Arn is the man. There are a few times where Foley and Jake are hit or miss. Flair was good when motivated but a lot of times he just went through the motions. Arn was always coming up with fresh stuff and was always convincing. Again, watch the Horsemen DVD if you need examples.

Ok kiddies, class is over for now. See you all next week.

Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in the "Anger Management"section of the message board or whichever section you see fit.

~Matt Dawgs 


World Wrestling Insanity writer Matt Dawgs is the bread and butter of the World Wrestling Insanity family. His future is bright and once James Guttman comes into a large sum of money, you can expect Matt will be getting tons of it thrown at him, at least half of it. Matt also moonlights as a professional wrestler/manager in the NY/NJ Indy scene. He is legit afraid of getting on Homicide’s bad side but thinks he is a cool dude in general. He also is a funny guy. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at If the feedback is negative, you can e-mail Matt at


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