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TNA Sacrifice Real Time Report: Match By Match Coverage

By Aaron Wood
May 13, 2007, 19:37



Welcome to the 
TNA Sacrifice 2007
Real Time Report

This report is being written in real time.  You will need to hit refresh in order to see the latest results as they happen.

You can interact with World Wrestling Insanity readers and staff during the event by going to the Insanity Message Boards. Members can log in now to catch all the recent audio posted including uncut discussions with Dustin Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, Orlando Jordan, Road Warrior Animal, and many more.

Not Watching The Show Live?
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Hey guys, Aaron here with your Sacrifice real-time report.  The PPV pre-game show has just started, and if there's a match, or any news of note, keep checking as it will be brought to you.

But as I said, Borash & Christy Hemme are in shill mode with video packages and what not, so for now, I'll let them run with it.

Nope, no matches, no news, just a looped video.  Hell, they even told us Sacrifice was "tomorrow" (they said it, not me...).  So, let's just do this thing!

Sacrifice begins with a video with the theme of "chicken kissing"...only kidding, it's SACRIFICE of course!  We hit the Impact Zone as Tenay gives it the shill and the pyro goes off.

Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt in a "I wonder if Randy will be pleased his imitator is a crutain jerker..." match for the TNA X Title

Lethal comes out first, followed by Dutt, and not men are Nash-less.  Sabin is last out.  Sabin hit the mat, lying down for one of them to take the pin.  Dutt obliged, but Lethal pulled him off, Sabin doing so to stir the pot.  Dutt & Lethal began to work together, but Lethal tried to steal one, but was stopped by Dutt.  Sabin was sent over the top rope, aloowing the face to fight each other.  Dutt rolled Lethal into a camel clutch, but Sabin hit a basement dropkick on Lethal, breaking it up.  Sabin suggested Dutt do similar, but Dutt kicked Sabin.  Sabin leap-frogged a Lethal charge, with Jay spearing Dutt in the corner.

Sabin began to work over Lethal in a corner, as a dueling "Lethal/Sabin" chant got going.  A kick to the back of Lethal's head scored Sabin a 2.  Lethal blocked a charge, hitting Sabin with a headscissors, but Sabin followed Lethal, allowing him to trip Lethal up as he came off the ropes.  However, after a Dutt distraction, Lethal came off the top to the floor with a double axe-handle.  They fought over the an aisleway where Dutt hit an Asai Moonsault onto the pair of them.

back in the ring, Dutt went up top, but Sabin crotched him.  However, Sonjay blocked a Hurricanrana, but instead hit a dropkick on Lethal.  Sabin then downed Dutt. Sabin tossed Lethal to the outside.  A suplex scored 2 for Sabin.

We then saw something called "Stomper", the new TNA "mascot" at ringside.  Why?  Just generally...Why?

Sabin mounted Dutt in the corner, with a choke, butafter a whip another charge was blocked.  Lethal came back in and they started taking shots at each other.  Very cool sequence.

Dutt & Sabin were up first,  Dutt was whipped, but he dodged a charge and hit a cool legdrop while Sabin was on the ropes.  He then srpingboiarded in to hit a senton on Lethal for a close 2.  Dutt charged Lethal in the corner, but Sabin followed and squashed them both.  The hesitation dropkick scored 2 for Sabin.  Sbain started to punch on Lethal, before a back elbow scored 2.  The dueling chants started again, although West seemed to think it was all for Lethal.  Tenay however, provided balance.  Lethal hit an overhead release suplex on Dutt, before going hitting the diving elbow on Sabin!  However, Dutt broke up the pin.  The Lethal combination Sabin scored 2, but Dutt rboke it up with a 450.  He scored 2 counts on both opponents.  Sabin shoved Dutt into Lethal before rolling him up with tights for the 3 count!


Sabin left with the belt, while in the ring, the 2 challengers got into a shoving match before it erupted.  Kevin Nash came out to break them up.  Dutt kicked Nash in the back of the leg before heading off.

JB had Robert Roode, who was with Traci, but no Eric.  Roode said Eric was at home.  Roode told Jarrett that he may have been a champ, but tonight he would do something he hadn't done before.  He'd "make" Robert Roode.  He said that everyone knew he owned Eric, but tonight they'd find out that he owned Jeff.

Nash approached the desk for a mic.  Nash said that on IMpact, Dutt's ass would be his.  West & Tenay ran down the rest of the evening's card.

They then sent it to footage of a meet-&-greet with VKM, but Basham & Damaja made a sneak attack and beat them down, with Damaja hitting the Brain Damage on BG through a table, giving him a concussion.

A recap of Jarrett's recent history then aired.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Robert Roode in a "It's always nice to have friends...I wish I did..." match

Roode came out first, followed by Jarrett.  As Jeff did his fancy entrance, Roode got the jump on him, sparking a ringside fight, ramming his head into the apron before dropping him on the guard rail.  Roode went for a piledriver, but Jeff backdropped out of it.  Jeff then took over on the offense.  Roode's head met with the announce table, before chasing Traci away.  They finally got in the ring.  Jarrett choked Roode in the ropes, before sliding in and punching him.  Traci interfered, allowing Roode to jump him from behind.  Roode put him into the guardrail again, before fired him into the steel steps.  Jeff was rolled in the ring for a 2 count.  Roode choked Jeff in the ropes, before backing off, allowing Traci to rip at Jeff's face.  Roode chopped Jeff, but Jeff came back with fists, before blocking a whip, getting a backslide for 2.  However, he was dropped with a lariat for a 2 count.

Roode his a bodyslambefore going to the second rope, but he took too much time, allowing Jeff to put his leg up to block Roode's jump.  Jeff got a snap powerslam for 2.  They traded sleeper holds.  Roode countered his by grabbing the leg, locking in the figure four.  Traci helped out for leverage.  Jarrett pulled himself back into the middle of the ring, before getting himself to the ropes for the break.  Roode rammed Jarrett's knee off the mat.

A "We Want Eric" chant started.  He went for another Firgure Four, but it was rolled up for 2.  Jarrett hit a right,. but both men took each other out.  Jarrett got a few right hands in, before back body dropping Roode, before giving him a cheeky low blow.  Roode went to go up top, but he got slammed off.  Jarrett got his own Figure Four.  Traci got up on the ring, as Roode tapped out.  Jarrett let the hold go, in frustration with the ref, allowing Roode to get a cheap shot on Jeff before exposing a turnbuckle.  Jarrett blocked the shot, as did Roode, who then hit a chop-block.  Roode then pulled Jeff's nuts into the ringpost.  Roode got a chair.  The ref went to stop him from using the chair.  Roode hit himself with the chair, allowing Jeff to hit The Stroke.  However, Traci pulled the ref out before the three.  Andrew Thomas told Tracfi to take a powder.  However, in the confusion, Roode hit Jarrett with a loaded punch for a very close 2 count.  Roode went for the guitar, but Thomas stopped Roode using that.  Jeff went for the Figure Four, but Roode shoved Jeff off into the exposed turnbuckle.  He then hit The Payoff for the three count!!!


Roode got the mic, and told Jeff that Eric was last seen with a guitar on his head, and he'd get the same.  However, Jarrett cut him off, locking in the Figure Four.  Traci came back to hit Jeff with the guitar.  Eric Young sped out and put Traci in the Figure Four!!!

We went backstage to see a "Victory party" in Christian's locker room.  He said they were celebrating.  CC said that Tomko & Steiner would win the tag titles, and AJ would win too.  However, Steiner cut him off, complaining that Tomko hadn't arrived yet!  AJ took over to trash talk Joe.  Christian told Steiner to watch him "control his own destiny", with AJ following like a puppy dog...

Christopher Daniels vs. Rhino in a "Since there was Sting & nWo Sting, does this make Daniels "TNA Sting"?" match

As Tenay & West talked about Daniels' direction, another dueling chant got going.  Rhino got on a side headlock, but Daniels shoved him off.  However, Rhino hit a hard clothesline.  Rhino put the headlock back on.  Daniels was whipped of the ropes, before being hit with a back body drop.  Rhino blocked a whip, and Daniels found himself dumped onto the apron.  Daniel pushed Rhino back, but charged into a belly to belly.  Daniels avoided a Gore, but outside, Rhino downed Daniels.  Rhino went for a pancha but it missed.  However, when Rhino got up, he gave Daniels a hip toss.  Daniels moved out the way of a charge, Rhino hitting the ring post.  Daniels draped the arm over the guardrail.

Daniels went to work on the arm, including wrapping the arm around the rope and an armbreaker, as Tenay WILDLY realised that the arm was Rhino's lead arm for the Gore...  Daniels got a standing armbar., but Rhino pucnhed out of hit before hitting a backbreaker.  Rhino came off the ropes with a shoulder charge, but it was the bad arm.  Both men got up, Rhino hitting a couple of chops, before hitting a powerslam for 2.  Daniels went back to work on the arm however, before hitting an STO for 2.

Rhino snapped off a spinebuster for 2.  Daniels worked in an armbar, but Rhino got his foot on the ropes.  However, when both men got up, Dnaiels hit a jumping kick.  He misse dthe BME, before Rhino powered Daniels down for 2.  Daniels hit an enziguri, before laying in some punches, but Rhino hit a semi-Gore but Daniels got the ropees.  Daniels ducked outside, and with Rhino over him, clocked him with the baseball bat and rolled back in the ring for the three count!


Rhino got on the mic and said he didn't come to be cheated, so he was going to kick Daniels ass.  They sprinted off, as they "scrambled" a camera to follow that action.  However, it wasn't long before they came back out, except Daniels was busted open, as Rhino had smashed him with a chair.  Rhino got another and put both together in the ring.    Rhino prepped to hit the Rhino Driver, but security sprinted in en masse to stop him.

A Christy/VKM recap aired

Kip James was with JB, and he was on his own as BG was in hospital and Lance Hoyt was, well, who cares.  Kip was pissy and he said that Christy was getting hers.

VKM vs. Basham & Damaja in a "HHH's former bitches vs. JBL's former bitches" match

The heels came out first, with Kip James on his own.  Basham started for his team.  Kip got a Big Boot, but Basham ducked out of a Fameasser.  Damaja came in and hit a clothesline, sending Kip to the outside.  Kip slugged Damaja down, but Basham tagged in, allowing them to double team Kip down.  Damaja was tagged back in, with the heels hitting a double flapjack, kipping up at the same time.  Damaj mounted Kip, laying in fist.  Basham came in, choking Kip in the ropes.  Christy got a cheapshot.  Damaj came back in, with a neck lock.  Heel communication led to them colliding.  Kip put Damaja down, before fighting off the former-Revolution.  Damaja hit the Brain Damage, allowing Basham to go up for a Diving Headbutt for the three count.


After the match, they went to beat on Kip, but Kip came back.  However, the numbers were too much.  However, Lance Hoyt FINALLY ran out to chase off the heels.

A recap of the Chris Harris/James Storm feud.

Leticia caught up with Harris.  She asked him what he was thinking.  He pointed out his shirtm which had them as a team.  He asked Storm if he remembered their friendship.  He said that if Storm wanted to break up, all he had to do was ask, but chose the bottle to the head instead.  he said that tonight, Storm would be getting the payback.

Chris Harris vs. James Storm in a "What are the odds TNA want to count this as their first match?" Texas Deathmatch

This rules are No DQ, falls count anywhere, and they have to apply a ten count after a pin.  Storm came out first with Jackie Moore.  Harris followed, symbollically ripping his AMW off.  The fight started on the outside.  Harris used some handcuffs to choke Storm.  They quickly spilled into the crowd.  They went to the bleachers, going through the crowd.  Harris slammed Storm's head on a wall.  Harris tired to dump Storm over, but didn't succeed.

Harris led Storm around to the steps at the other side, where they came back down to the floor.  Storm threw a drink in Harris's face, reeling off shots.  However, Harris put Storm into a wall. Harris went back to ringside and got the beer bottle.  He drank the beer, before going up up and diving over the rails onto Storm.  "TNA!" indeed...

Harris scored a 3 count, and after the ring announcer explained the rules, they started the count.  Storm got up at 8.They got back to the ring, where Storm threw a chair in Harris's face as we went up top.  Storm then hit Harris again, busting Chris wide open.  Storm looked under the ring, getting himself a table.  he set it up and sat Harris on the top rope.  Storm went for a Hurricanrana, but Harris blocked it.  Harris went for a sharpshooter, but couldn't get it, so decided to catapult Storm under the table, putting Storm in the "stuck pig" zone.

Harris went for a suplex through the table, but Storm blocked it, before giving Chris a low blow.  Storm picked Harris up and hit a spinning cruifix powerbomb through the table for a 3 count.  The ring announcer announced another 10 count was beginning.  Harris got barely up at 9.

Storm dropped him right away however.  Storm went under the ring again, and got another table, blood pouring from his head onto it.  Storm set it up on the outside, before getting back in the ring.  Storm went for a powerbomb to the floor, but it was blocked.  However, Storm dropped Harris with a DDT, while Harris was caught in the ropes.   Storm got a garbage can and a couple of lids, as well as a kendo stick.  However, Harris, out of nowhere, went through the ropes, spearing Storm off the apron through the table!!!

Jackie stopped a pin attempt, however.Storm crawled back in the ring as Harris got a chair.  The chair shot was ducked, with Sotrm hitting a superkick into the chair into Harris's face.  However, Harris kicked out of the pin.  Storm hit a couple of garbage lid shots, but Harris retaliated with his own.  They slugged it out.  Harris hit the Catatonic on a garbage can, but that only scored a 2 count!Jackie interfered again, drawing out Gail Kim, cuffing Jackie and taking her to the back.  Harris and Storm got bottles, but Harris hit first!  He made the pin and scored the three count.  However, there was no way Storm was getting up this time.  AWESOME match.  More than made up for the shambles last month


In the back, Sting was talking to Daniels, but we missed the first part of it, and so it didn't make sense.  Dnaiels left, letting Sting cut a promo on both his opponents, although it mostly targeted Angle...

We saw the technicians changing the ring mat (and boy, it sure as well had a red tinge to it), before we saw some instant highlights of the match.

And then , as if it was edited (seriously, it was a very sudden cut!), we went to:

Tiger Mask IV vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley vs. Senshi in a "Say hello to being an afterthought, Tiger..." match

Tiger Mask IV came out first, followed by Shelley.  Then, as we went through So Cal Val's legs, Senshi came out, finally beiung rounded out by Jerry Lynn.  And I'll just apologise in advance that I will lose track with where this goes...

This one is Four Corners rules, with Tiger Mask & Shelley standing on the apron with Lynn & Senshi starting it off.  They traded holds as West reminisced about Lynn & Senshi in the first year of TNA.  Senishi went for the footstomp, but missed it.  Lynn took over Senshi with an armbar, but when they got to the ropes, Senshi reversed it, barring the arm himself.  Shelley came into the match, with a "Shelley" chant piping up.  Lynn tok Shelley over, locking up the arm, but Shelley got up and shoved him off.  Lynn ducked a clothesline and snapped off a headscissors.  Tiger Mask was brought in.  Shelley drew a line in the hand, but when Tiger Mask went for him, Shelley tagged in Senshi.

They traded hammerlocks, but Senshi kicked TM.  Senshi got a top wrist lock, but Tiger Mask flipped out of it and they traded flip-floppy moves.  Lynn tagged himself in for Senshi.  Lynn was taken over by TM, but he missed a corssbody in the corner.  An inside cradle from Lynn scored 2.  Shelley came infor TM, teeing off on Lynn.  Shelley put on a sleeper.  Lynn rolled across and tagged TM.  TM hit a verison of the Pele Kick before hitting a standing moonsault for 2.  Shelley caught TM at the top, before hitting a jawbreaker.  TM didn't really sell it though, before they went up top, where TM hit a Super-Tiger Suplex.  Senshi came in and came off the ropes with a kick to the head.  Sheelley ducked the Shining Wizard, but Senshi kicked him in the back of the head.  Lynn dropkicked Shelley off the apron while Senshi and TM fought.  Lynn got a Sunset Flip on TM as Senshi was being held for a 2 count.  LYnn hit the TKO on TM for 2.  Shelley went to work on Lynn.  Lynn fought back and went for the tornado DDT, but it was blocked.  Lynn went up, but was caught by Lynn.  Lynn teased moves on each other them.  Shelley got to hit a headscissors, but Lynn rolled through and scored the three count.  I guess Shelley's being punished for the "tards" remark.


Shelley tired to attack after the bell, but Lynn got the upperhand until Sabin came out.  Bob backlund ran in and made the save, beating up both heels before they took a powder...Oh man...

A recap of the tag title feud is aired.

Leticia was wiht the (finally arrived) Tomko.  Tomko was asked about his issues with Steiner.  Tomko bemoaned Pump as an idiot, before saying that if he's not around he's taking care of business elsewhere, and that it was one thing for Christian to call him out on it, but it was something else for Steiner to do it.

Team 3D vs. LAX vs. Scott Steiner & Tomko in a "After teaming with Test, this should be a doddle..." match for the TNA Tag Team Titles

LAX came out first, and they had a staredown with Hector Guerrero.  Steiner & Tomko came out together, as Tenay pondered the lack of trust between the 2.  T3D then came out.  The other two teams left the ring while the former Dudleyz posed.  They held their ground as the heel teams came back in.  Steiner & Homicide started off the match.  Steiner over-powered Cide to start with, hitting an ugly powerslam.  Ray came in off the blind tag, and hit an overhead german on Steiner, but Steiner shot a suplex back on him.  Cide took both men down with a dropkick, but both men were back up qiuckly.  Cide & Steiner deicded to work together, to work on Ray.  Cide was dumped fomr the ring, as Ray tagged in D-Von.  D-Von scored 2, but Tomko broke up the pin.  Tomko came in, and they slugged it out, but D-Von powerslammed Tomko, but he got up quick, hitting a clothesline.

Hernandez blind tagged in, on Tomko.  D-Von hit a Thesz press with punches.  D-Von was whipped into Steiner & Tomko's corner, where they wishboned him.  Homicide was tagged in by his partner, where they double-teamed him.  Steiner tagged in, and started chopping D-Von in the corner, before hitting the Steinerline and elbow drop, before stopping count to do push-ups.  Tomko came in and hit a double elbow on D-Von.  Stiner put D-Von on the top turnbuckle in the LAX corner.Hernandez came back in, but D-Von whipped him into the corner.  D-Von went for a Superplex, but it was blocked, with the LAX-er hitting a splash for 2.  Tomko came in, putting D-Von on top.  However, D-Von hit a tornado DDT.

LAX prevented D-Von from making the tag, but D-Von rolled thoruhg  and made the tag.  Ray came in and punched everyone in sight.  A DDT on Tomko got 2.  It all went mental as order broke down completely with everyone hitting moves on everyone.  T3D got the best of it in the end however, as they hit the "Whazzup?" on Homicide.  The crowd asked for tables, but as they did, Hernandez dived over the top rope onto them.  Tomko & Steiner worked over Homicide.  However, Cide rolled through the Doomsday Device for a 2 count.  Tomko & Steiner got pissy with each other.  Ray tried to steal it, but it only got 2.  Steiner held Ray for Tomko, but the Big Boot hit Stiner, allowing them to hit the 3D on Tomko for the win!


Steiner & Tomko, taking hints from earlier, had a shoving match, before they fought.  Out of nowhere, RICK STEINER came in and saved his brother!!!

JB had Kurt Angle, wtith Angle having requested the interview.  He said that Sting called him a "gym teacher", but he was the one who went to Walmart to buy face paint every week (BURN!)  Angle said that he didn't need to do what Sting did, and that he was a wrestler while Sting was a cartooon.

A recap of the Jow/AJ feud.  Well, not a recap of their feud, because there was absolutely none.  It was really just random images of each of them...

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe in a "The words "screwed" & "pooch" come to mind..." match

They locked up, but Joe easily pushed AJ off.  AJ grabbed a leg, but Joe shoved him off again.  Joe took AJ down, with AJ selling the leg, but Joe just took right back over, witha kick in the corner.  AJ tripped Joe up, but Joe sweeped AJ through the ropes.  Joe then followed with his own suicide dive!

AJ went to spongboard off the rail, but Joe moved, with AJ hitting the apron. Joe tired to suplex AJ back in the ring, but it was blocked, so Joe just punched AJ to the floor.  He claimed he hurt his elbow, but Joe didn't buy it.  However, the ref did, allowing the "Pearl Harbour" job.  It didn't really work though, as things spilled outside again,w ith Joe whipping AJ into the rail.  Joe sat AJ down, and went to give him the boot, AJ downed Joe.  Back in the ring.  AJ ducked and jumped over Joe before hitting a dropkick.  AJ choked Joe with the ropes.  In the corner, AJ ht a forearm.  However, Joe hit an inverted atomic drop, but AJ ducked a leg lariat, hitting his own kick for 2.

Joe hit a series of rights, but AJ came back with a few of his own.  However, Styles came off the ropes into a German suplex.  They slugged it out, before Joe hit an overhead suplex followed by a senton for 2.  AJ used Joe's trunks to pull him into the corner, but AJ charged right into  a snap slam for a close 2 count.  AJ rolled though a powerbomb to hit the Pele kick.  A flying forearm to the back of the head scored a 2 count.  Joe blocked a springboard inverted DDT once, but a second attempt scored a 2 count. 

AJ teased the Styles Clash, but Joe fought out of it, scoring a 2 count.  AJ side-stepped Joe, Joe falling to the outside.  Joe claimed that he hurt his leg.  A 10 count was started, but Joe got back in at 9.  Styles kicked at the leg, but Joe shoved him into the corner.  However, Joe couldn't run.  Styles went for a Splash, but Joe rolled through, playing possum all along.  Joe then hit a Kokina Clutch Suplex for the three count!


Main event video was then played

Christian Cage vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle in a "Will Christian lose it just as Edge has won it?" match for the TNA World Title

JB did the usual introductions, with full NWA accreditation,so I assume right away, there's gonna be an angle...

Christian backed away as Angle & Sting trash talked, but after mugging to the crowd, Christian turned into a double punch from the other 2.  Christian was dumped to the outside.  Not once, but twice.  Angle took the first shot, but missed, but hit a back elbow as Sting came off the ropes.  Sting hit a knee to the head followed up with a bulldog.  Sting went up the ramp to get Christian, ramming him into the guardrail, but Cage gave him a taste of that medicine.  Cage went in the ring, but Angle suplexed him, before running him down after coming off the ropes.  However, a corner was missed, and Angle sped into the ringpost.  However, Sting was right there.  Cage offered a pact, but it didn't work.  Sting hit a press slam and an elbow drop.  He came off the middle rope with a Vader-Bomb like move for 2.  Stinger went for his splash, but Angle tripped him up, pulled him out of the ring before hitting the Angle Slam on the ramp.  Christian hit a shoulder block for a 1 count on Angle in the ring.  Christian choked Angle on the ropes, before kicking him in the head.  Chrsitian picked Angle up to chop him back down.

Cage put on a chinlock.  Angle came off the ropes, only to be caught with a powerslam.  Christian went outside to beat on Sting some more, before heading back to Angle.  Angle ducked a shot, hitting a total of EIGHT German suplexes.  However, Sting broke up the count.  Angle was dumped out, so Sting tried a cover, but that only got a 2 count.  Christian was placed up top for a superplex, but Angle caught the pair of them for a German on Sting as well.  Angle scored 2 counts on each man.  Angle readied himself the Olympic Slam, but Chrisitna rooled thoruhg, trying the Unprettier, but that didn't work either.  Sting & Angle abused Chrisitna in the corner, but Sting hit his plash on both men, before hitting the Death Drop on Angle for a close 2 count, but Cage pulled the referee out.  Sting went for the Death lock.  However, Angle countered into the Ankle Lock.  Chrisitna came in and ended up in an Ankle Lock as well.  Both men rolled through to throw off Angle.  Sting went to get the referee back in, but turned into a Cage low blow.  Sting rolled Chrisitna up, but Angle put the Ankle Lock on Sting.  As one ref counted to three, andother ref called Sting tapping out!  There's your convauluted finish!

Angle gets announced as the winner, but the show IMMEDIATELY ends, so I guess you'll have to tune into Impact on Thursday.

And that is it folks, hopw you've enjoyed the night.  It was a good show, but for me, it kinda tailed off in the third quarter.  That could be tiredness though.  Anyway, it was their best show in a LONG time.

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