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Canadian Bulldog's Breaking News: WWE Resurrecting Hurricane Gimmick

By Canadian Bulldog
May 15, 2007, 16:27


Breaking News: WWE Resurrecting Hurricane Gimmick


(Bulldog's Note: Please check out Online Onslaught later this week -- some time around Wednesday or Thursday -- for a very special "Inside The Ropes". And now, back to your regularly scheduled "Breaking News".)


(Above: With great power comes great Hurri-sponsibility.)

By Canadian Bulldog, World Wrestling Insanity News

(New York) World Wrestling Entertainment is preparing to resurrect one of its most popular characters, just in time for the busy summer blockbuster season.

According to a backstage source who asked not to be Kane... er, I mean, named, Gregory Helms will soon return to Friday Night SmackDown! -- not as his boring self, but as the Hurricane character he portrayed between 2001 and 2006.

Only this time, he's slated to face a new "battle from within".

In the storyline, Helms will discover a darker variation of his old Hurricane costume while on a tour of Japan. The suit will give him a more aggressive edge; for example, he will become even nastier when constantly jobbing to wrestlers like Scotty 2 Hotty and Hornswoggle.

Soon, Hurricane will realize that he can't take the costume off, even when appearing in clever backstage vignettes.

"This costume... it's become a part of me," Hurricane will say during an interview with Kristal. "Wassupwidat?"

Yet the new attitude will help him gain unfair advantages en route to losing to a slightly-higher caliber of jobber, such as Jimmy Wang Yang. Hurricane will realize he is more powerful than ever, yet it's coming at a price.


Above: Booking plans call for Hurricane to re-team with Super Hero In Training Rosey, a.k.a. New SHIT.

At the crux of the storyline (because WWE has been so good about following through on angles featuring mid-carders), Hurricane will tear off the costume in a fit of rage, signaling a departure from the "Evil Hurricane" gimmick. However, the costume debris will fall on top of an unsuspecting Val Venis, who will then be known as "Venimous".

In completely unrelated news, WWE has told ECW Original The Sandman to transfer to SmackDown. The reasons for this are thus far unclear.

"I really don't give a shit why they want to move me," exclaimed a jubilant Sandman. "I'm just happy to finally be off this crappy show!"

Meanwhile, the storyline has also caught the attention of others, such as Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

"My litigation-sense is tingling," Lee said when contacted by World Wrestling Insanity News. "Nuff said."


Canadian Bulldog is a borderline journalist who writes weekly for World Wrestling Insanity and Online Onslaught and has published his own book of nutty e-mails to wrestlers. See his obscenely expensive Canadian BullBLOG for more details. He welcomes your comments at

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