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Booking Vito, TNA's New Belt, Steiner Calls Hunter "Federline," Nidia's "Ginormous Boobs," Jim Ross Raps About His Ass, and More

By James Guttman
May 16, 2007, 16:44


Hey Guys,

About an hour ago, I posted a new audio on I changed the format a bit and rather than recapping a show, I did more of a freestyle update. Among the topics I talked about were TNA's new title belt, Sabu and Vito getting released, RVD in TNA, Les Thatcher on ClubWWI, Wrestle Kingdom 2 for PS2, and more including details on this week's Radio Free Insanity guest. The new shoot interview will be going up tomorrow, so check back to find out who it is.

Aaron Wood had real time results from Sacrifice this past Sunday and did a great job. Aaron also does ECW and Smackdown for the site. Be sure to check him out. As he says, he's cooler than the other side of a pillow…well, unless you're sleeping on a firepit, in which case the other side of the pillow wouldn't be cool at all.

Speaking of recaps, Saad Naaem has been doing awesome work with Heat and Impact. Saad's work on WWE Heat has been great as his recaps have given many readers a heads up on episodes they might want to check out. It's not all Viscera vs. Chris Masters. Well, OK, so a lot of them are Viscera vs. Chris Masters, but there's some good stuff too. If you're looking for which Heats to stream, stick with Saad. He'll steer you in the right direction.

There's an all new edition of James Couture's Championship Profiles going up tomorrow. It's going to be a good one. Be sure to check it out.

Our buddy, Phil Lowe of sent along word that he's taking bookings for the freshly-released Vito. Promoters with any booking enquiries can get in touch at

Now, once again, let's take a look at names in the news that are up on with shoot interviews:

The Steiner Brothers

Reunited in TNA and it feels so good. Arguably wrestling's greatest tag team, the Steiners, both came to the Club for interviews. Scott's shoot took place August 5th, 2006 and included this memorable quote:

“Hunter is the male version of a blonde bitch going to Hollywood and f*****’ her way up to the top. He’s basically the Kevin Federline of professional wrestling…. He actually started in WCW as Terra Ryzin’. Then he was doing 30 second jobs for the Ultimate Warrior. All of a sudden he starts banging the boss’s daughter and he’s supposed to be the baddest man on the planet? Come on. It’s a joke.”

Scott also had harsh words for Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair, among others in one of the hardest hitting shoots I've conducted. Rick's interview was more mellow and took place on the Christmas Eve 2006 edition. His uncut interview lasted for an hour.

Percy "Paul  Bearer" Pringle

The former manager of the Undertaker recently announced that he would be closing Gulf South Wrestling, his independent wrestling promotion. Percy talked about Gulf South, Taker, Kane, and many other topics in his 50 minute Club shoot from March of this year.


A belated congratulations to Nidia on the recent birth of her baby. A pregnant Nid joined in October to discuss her career, settling down, and her "ginormous boobs." All of this while driving from the airport after picking up Shelton Benjamin.

Samoa Joe

Victorious at Sacrifice, Samoa Joe was pretty victorious already when he joined Radio Free Insanity in January of 2006. Joe had just swept almost every year-end award there was to have. He talked about his popularity and TNA in his interview on

The Iron Sheik

Seen the video of Sheik confronting Ultimate Warrior at a wrestling convention yet? No? Well, click here. (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) If you want more Iron Sheik, you can hear him tell how lucky Brian Blair was not to get "humbled" at WrestleMania 3. The Sheik's shoot went up in April of last year.

Remember, there's over 60 other shoot interviews available on ClubWWI. For less than $5 a month, you can hear them all. Be sure to check it out.

Finally, it's crazy video time. Insanity Message Board Poster ArmyofOnions found this one.  Crazy stuff. 

Jim Ross Raps About His Ass


Be Well,


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