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Random Thoughts from Matt Dawgs: ECW One Night Vince, ROH on PPV, Top Notch TV, Nitro Cancelled, Mr. Second Chance In The Bank, and More

By Matt Dawgs
May 16, 2007, 20:11


Random Thoughts, Opinions, Questions and Observations.


Greetings from under the New Blue Yankee cap. This week’s edition is a special SUPERSIZED one. See folks, my wife and I are both suffering from what is called preggo brain. It means that since she is pregnant, both of us have suddenly become stupid. Yes, stupid. We forget things all the time like putting on underwear, conversations we just had like 10 minutes ago, eating meals, etc. So therefore, I had written a column that was supposed to go up last week and guess what? I forgot to put it up. So therefore I have added some more stuff to it and it will now cover the past two weeks in wrestling. Let’s dive right in and get to the meat and potatoes of this week in wrestling the past two weeks in wrestling.


Mister Kennedy……………………………Kennedy was injured at a house show over the weekend so on RAW, WWE brass decided to quickly hotshot the Money in the Bank off of him and onto Edge. Then……they decided to have Edge use it ASAP and hotshot the World title off of the injured Undertaker on Smackdown. Problem is…..Kennedy isn’t as injured as originally thought and will only be out for 5-8 weeks rather the 7-9 months they originally diagnosed. So now, Kennedy is a face without a title shot. Edge, one of the top heels in wrestling and on RAW has been moved to Smackdown and some future booking plans have to be re-worked. My solution, keep Kennedy as far away from the title as possible, let him win the Rumble and still get his Mania 24 title shot.


HBK made Great Khali watchable for 5 minutes on RAW. That is a feat.


Vic Mackey find out that Shane Vendrell killed their partner Curtis Lemansky on the Shield this week. Damn excellent acting by both men and Walter Goggins (aka Shane) needs to win an emmy for his role this season.


Went to the Yankee Game on Wednesday. Good win for the Bronx Bombers. Will Nieves had his first major league hit since 2002. Also saw some nut run onto the field and try to high five Hideki Matsui only go get arrested by stadium security around second base.


TNA had a pay per view on Sunday. Anyone see Impact this week hyping it? Yeah, me neither.


Lost was top notch this week. I don’t think this show has ever hit a streak of damn good shows on back to back weeks than Lost. They have been on fire lately.


I know I’ve laid the sarcasm on thick from week to week on Johnny Nitro but seriously, now I need answers. What the f*ck is WWE doing to him? He had tons of momentum heading into Wrestlemania, he is involved with the Women’s champion, he has a damn good look and has improved by leaps and bounds in the ring. For some f*cking reason, he just isn’t being used at all. Now I hear they are teaming him with Kenny Dykstra and they are doing jobs in dark matches, houseshows and on HEAT. WTF? Someone smarten up and push him again. He can probably get a good match against Santino Marella. Give him an IC title feud. I think him and Kenny can be a decent team, feud them with the Hardy’s for the tag titles. DO SOMETHING!!!!


The funny thing about the whole Nitro situation is that rumors and innuendo state that Melina has/had tons of heat with management because of her “diva-like” behavior yet she is the womens champion and is featured heavily on TV each week.


Who else thinks that Khali vs. Cena is going to be “bowling shoe ugly” at Judgment day? Speaking of Judgment day, any guesses to what the Smackdown main event is going to be now that Batista/Taker Hell in a Cell is scrapped? (EDIT BY MATT: Edge vs. Batista? Really? Pulling the trigger on that with only one Smackdown worth of buildup?)


I am amped to see Benoit vs. MVP in a 2 out of 3 falls match. This is make or break time for MVP and I definitely think he is going to be made by this match. BALLIN!!!!


PS – I gave you all fair warning and advance notice, the MVP bandwagon is officially closed. If you are not on it already, it is too late. I will not add you to it. This ship has sailed. For those of us who are on it, WWE is very high on MVP and for those who don’t like his gear, WWE knows this and does plan on changing it. Originally it was done for his gimmick as well as his physique as he had a slight gut but apparently he has gotten rid of it so they are working on a costume change.


Also note that Chris Benoit knows he is on the downturn of his career and realizes it. He doesn’t plan on wrestling many more years and is happy with his current role in WWE of developing talent. He has made MVP his pet project and is enjoying teaching him the ropes and wants to groom him to be a World Champion. He has made it his mission to make him a future champion. But like I said, if you ain’t on the bandwagon already, too bad. You missed the boat.


24 has lost all of it’s luster. This past season has been like a rollercoaster ride of the worst of TNA Impact. Just constant hotshotting after hotshotting of angles. Nothing seems to be clicking and that is a damn shame considering they had such a hot start with the first four episodes.


So TNA had another pay per view that was full of angles that had nothing to do with nothing and tons of non-logical booking. Apparently Kurt Angle is the new TNA champion although in controversial fashion. Does anyone else remember when Angle was a big deal? He was supposed to be the TNA savior. The man who could make them compete with WWE. Now he is just another random dude who isn’t really a factor. Is he a face?  Is he a heel? Who the hell knows? Bottom line is, Angle was easily one of my favorite people to watch in the history of wrestling, EVER. Now he is just some guy who has ok matches and has no direction. Say what you want about WWE misusing him, TNA is completely destroying him.


Thoughts and prayers go out to Jeff Jarrett. I know he and his family is in a tough situation right now. The Gods honest truth is, Jeff, if you happen to be reading this, stay home. I know wrestling is important and your company is important and even I am glad that you came back but the truth is, you don’t need to be here right now. Stay home and handle your business. People will understand if you don’t appear on TV.

Austin “Starr” Aries needs to be released. TNA isn’t going to use him and he is better off in ROH.

Speaking of ROH, their PPV taping sounded like a hoot. Good to see that Homicide got his chance to say goodbye even though it won’t appear on the PPV itself. That was a nice gesture by TNA to let him say bye. Sucks for me though as Homicide is not only my favorite wrestler around today to watch, but now I will rarely see him since I try to avoid Impact like the plague since it is so damn hard to watch.


Heroes is the greatest show on television. Season finale coming up soon and I am stoked for it. Whoever writes this show hopefully will keep the momentum going for the next few seasons because if they do, this show is going to be hard to top as it is top notch.


I need to find someone who gets TNA Worldwide as I heard at this past weeks tapings, Senshi wrestled Homicide. TNA main event waiting to happen there. On the flip side of that coin, the first ever Samoa Joe vs. Sting singles match given away in five minutes ON FREE TV!!!! Good booking TNA. PS – That was sarcasm!!!!


Funny story…….Edge won the World Title on Smackdown by cashing in his money in the bank against the Undertaker. Heading into RAW where Edge defeated Kennedy to win the Money in the Bank, management was trying to decide who would be best to defeat Taker and win the title. According to Dave Meltzer, Vince was against Batista winning because while Batista has improved due to his feud with Taker, Vince felt that having Batista chase the champ would be better business so he was nixed. Before they found out about the Kennedy injury, while he was the front runner, some felt that it was too soon and they really wanted him to complete his year long quest to win the title at Mania. Mark Henry was suggested but they were worried due to his injury prone status. Michael Hayes nixed having Benoit win because he feels that Benoit is a good make shift main eventer but is better suited as being booked as a strong act who competes well but can’t carry the promotion with the title. So basically he is good where he is. Booker T and Rey Mysterio are both injured so they got nixed. Randy Orton was considered but he was shot down because it would set a bad example to reward him with a title after recent events involving him. That left moving Shawn Michaels and Edge. Shawn has already stated that he cannot work Smackdown because it conflicts with his prayer group on Wednesday mornings. Although he has appeared on Smackdown in the past, especially leading into Mania. Edge was nixed by none other than Triple H. See, HHH wants to feud with both Edge and Randy Orton upon his return from injury in July before turning heel since HHH wants to be a heel again but does realize he needs to come back as a face first since fans are going to cheer him and he is going to have to get his revenge against Rated RKO. However Edge has publicly made it known to management that he does not want to feud with HHH. After long deliberation, they decided on Edge. Edge was apparently walking around backstage the day he found out he was winning with a huge smile on his face. He knew that by going to Smackdown, he has dodged a major political bullet. Funny thing is, in his first official match after winning the title, he does a CLEAN JOB ON RAW TO SHAWN MICHAELS. Why? I don’t know. Someone in booking thought it was a good idea to job out the World Title holder to HBK on RAW. I wonder who?


Breaking news, Sabu has been released. The big question is, “Is anyone surprised”? I doubt it. He was unhappy and you can tell by looking at him. At least now he can wrestle for 20 minutes or more again, get some wins and do what he wants to do which is NOT CUT PROMOS. Sure I feel bad he isn’t collecting a paycheck anymore but so what? If you were miserable at your job and wanted to do something you enjoy again, wouldn’t you go do it again? I would.


Everyone please do me a favor and go to THIS LINK and vote for my friend Poppalishus. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. We need to get him on this show. I promise you it will be something big once he does.


The Shield was once again top notch and is by far the best show on television. If you haven’t ever caught an episode, do yourself a favor and rent the DVD from season 1. Netflix it or something. I promise, it is well worth it.


Rumor has it that One Night Stand is being headlined by Bobby Lashley vs. Dr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Don’t get me wrong, WE LOVE BOBBY but seriously, no one can think this is a good idea. Bobby cannot carry Vince to a good match and there is no reason at all that Bobby should be selling for Vince. Even in a no DQ or a street fight, Bobby should not sell for Vince McMahon. AT ALL.


Kudos to my good friend Derek Burgan for his analysis of the new Fall TV schedule. His comment? Geico Cavemen having their own 30 minute show? People can make money on anything these days because that show is going to be abysmal. So abysmal that Burgan had a wonderful idea to have a show next season about the PC vs. Mac guys from the commercials. I think that is a great idea. Someone needs to run with it.


Currently reading Mick Foley’s Hardcore Diaries. So far it is a good read. Not to spoil the book but Foley had a booking idea that was approved by creative that would have made the build up for the 2nd ECW One Night Stand that was a gazillion times better than the rubbish WWE did. See, they eventually nixed the idea after a few weeks of thought. Had they went with it though, it sounded better than anything they ended up doing. Shame.


Is it me or is Candice Michelle actually becoming pretty decent? They definitely need to move Michelle McCool and Jillian Hall over to RAW though.


Vicky Guerrero, really? I am sure she is a sweet woman, don’t get me wrong and I understand why Vince wants to take care of her but come on now. Smackdown assistant GM? Puh-leaze. Just give her a monthly check to stay home. It’s that simple. Open up a trust fund for her Vince. Jesus H. Christ, just because you want to help her doesn’t mean she needs to be in a prominent role on TV.


Just recently found this out, per Dave Meltzer that Vince McMahon Sr. had it written in the contract to Vincent Kennedy McMahon that before Sr. sold the company, he had it in writing that he has to keep Gorilla Monsoon, Arnold Skaaland, Freddie Blassie, Fabulous Moolah, James Dudley and one or two more people under contract for as long as they lived. Classy move by Vince Sr. Protecting the people he cared about. And you know what? McMahon did it. All of those people were under contract until they died (Although Moolah isn’t dead yet, she is still paid by WWE). Good stuff. Vince is a man of his word.


MSG Classic is back. Unfortunately I always miss it but if you have MSG and don’t have WWE 24/7, check it out. It is a good show and has some good matches back from the 70’s and 80’s.


Interesting discussing was brought up on a message board, the question was, “Who has the worst blown opportunity with the WWF/WWE”? My answer would have to be Buff Bagwell. The man had a legit shot of having a decent mid card run with WWE and instead blew it in his first WWE match. What do you think?


The Rocket Roger Clemens takes off this week. He makes his first minor league pitching start on Friday thus putting him on schedule to make one major league start in Toronto before his second start at Fenway Park in Boston. What I wouldn’t give to be there for that!!!!


I guess you can count me in the minority but I actually liked Spider-man 3. I thought it was a good movie, well done and will buy the DVD when it comes out. But that’s just me.


Shrek the Third this week. Another good movie I will be checking out. Summer always delivers some good stuff and this summer is no exception. Spider-man 3, Fantastic Four 2, Oceans 13, Harry Potter, Bourne Ultimatim, damn that’s a lot of sequels.


Paris Hilton going to jail. Sucks for her.


Seriously, Lindsey Lohan, as much as people knock her for being a druggie and a slut is F*CKING HOT!!!! She is making my list in a hurry. For those that don’t know, every one should have “A LIST” the concept came from the TV show Friends. Every couple should choose 5 celebrities that they can have sex with and their spouse/significant other can’t say anything should it ever happen. My list is:


1) Trish Stratus

2) Eliza Dushku

3) Vanessa Marcil

4) Lindsey Lohan

5) Undecided


But she is quickly moving on up. She may make number 2 since Eliza Dushku isn’t doing much these days and when I last saw her wasn’t as hot as I remembered her.


Ok kiddies, class is over for now. See you all next week.


Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in the Anger Management section of the message board or whichever section you see fit.


~Matt Dawgs 


World Wrestling Insanity writer Matt Dawgs is the bread and butter of the World Wrestling Insanity family. His future is bright and once James Guttman comes into a large sum of money, you can expect Matt will be getting tons of it thrown at him, at least half of it. Matt also moonlights as a professional wrestler/manager in the NY/NJ Indy scene. He is legit afraid of getting on Homicide’s bad side but thinks he is a cool dude in general. He also is a funny guy. If you have any questions, corrections, feedback, comments and ideas, he can be reached at If the feedback is negative, you can e-mail Matt at


P.S. – In case you didn’t know, there is a WRESTLING BOOK that is out titled “World Wrestling Insanity”. It is a damn fun read so I suggest you run out and get it today. If you already have your copy, read it. If you already read your copy, read it again. It is funny; Like me.


Also, don’t forget to check out our new section, CLUB WWI. It can be found by clicking the banner at the top of this page. Check out all the new audio updates and features found there. Some good stuff including all of James Guttman’s past Radio Free Insanity broadcasts as well as all new, uncut interviews with some of wrestling past and present names. Good stuff people.

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