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UFC - The Ultimate Fighter 5: Mallory's Recap of Episode 7

By Mallory Mahling
May 17, 2007, 23:14


This week we will see the last two preliminary matches featuring the four fighters who have not yet had an opportunity to get in the Octagon. I went back to my notes from the beginning of the season, and here's a look at them:

- Gray "The Bully" Maynard. Maynard is 27 years old and trains with Team Couture in Las Vegas. He was a stand-out wrestler at Michigan State" and previously trained with B.J. Penn who was preparing for a fight and sought out Maynard's wrestling expertise. "The Bully" nickname comes from his bull terrier.

- Marlon Sims. Sims is 33 and trains at the Freestyle Fighting Academy in Miami, although he is a native of Sonoma, California, and trained with Frank Shamrock at the Napa Lion's Den.

- Wayne Weems. At age 24, Weems had a harder road than most growing up. He discovered MMA at 21 and it quickly became his passion. He trains with Team Miletich.

- Matt "Handsome" Wiman. Wiman is 23 and trains with the Tulsa Top Team. He got the "Handsome" nickname from his mother when he was a child. He made his UFC debut last May, but was beaten by Spencer Fisher.

So far we haven't learned much about these guys--with the exception of Marlon Sims who claims to be a street fighter extraordinaire. We'll soon see if he can back up all the bragging.

* * *

With all his team's losses, Dana White pulled B.J. Penn aside and told him he needed to be the general and lay the smackdown on his team. Dana brought up the specter of Ken Shamrock's so-called coaching.

B.J. gathered his team around him. His patience was wearing thin and he kicked Andy Wang off the team. Wang had not listened to a word B.J. had said during his fight, and B.J. didn't want to hear anything he had to say now. Eventually Dana was called down to the gym, and he said when that happens, it's never good news.

B.J. told Dana that he felt Andy Wang was a big part of why his team was losing. (He may have been right, considering the outcome of this week's fights.) 

Dana said Andy was lucky he only got kicked off the team and didn't get his head kicked off his shoulders, since B.J. does not like to be disrespected.

Dana asked Jens if he would take on the cast-off Wang and Jens consulted his team. They were reluctant at first, then said they would accept him. Instead of being grateful, Wang asked if he had any say about it. Huh???  Here he was getting a second chance, and was whining about not being able to complete his commitment to B.J.  Dumbass.

Dana said he was starting to see why B.J. was so pissed off at him. Now Dana was pissed, too, as the "F" words were flying fast and furious.

Wang walked into practice and Pulver's team gave him hugs and welcomed him. Wang put on the yellow jersey and said he was now Team Pulver 100%.

The remaining two preliminary fights will be:

- Wayne Weems vs. Gray Maynard.

- Marlon Sims vs. Matt Wiman.

Pulver said Weems had turned himself completely around since the show started. Jens said Weems knew he was the black sheep and had to bring it.

Gray Maynard had been doing MMA for about a year and felt he had a good chance against Weems. B.J. felt he could walk through Weems and told him to "crush him like a bug."

(1) Wayne Weems vs. Gray Maynard. Maynard had Weems on the mat immediately and was in control. Maynard had his back and was throwing punches that were going unanswered. The referee stopped the match and Gray Maynard took the win for Team Penn.

Even though he lost, Jens thought Weems had done a great job and better than some (a veiled reference to a couple of slackers earlier this season). Weems' team mates were very encouraging, too, but he was still upset with himself for losing.

In Team Penn's locker room, B.J. was happy for a change.

Back at the TUF House, Marlon Sims was telling tall tales around the backyard fire pit. His team mates were not impressed, although Sims still insisted every one of his stories was true.

Matt Wiman said he'd never met a real tough guy who bragged like Marlon. In any case, Wiman planned for a TKO or submission victory.

Wiman said he called himself "Moderately Attractive" for the show instead of his usual nickname, "Handsome."

B.J. was shown giving his guys hugs. Maybe Dana's lecture sunk in.

Sims said he'd been fighting since he was 5 years old and he was 33 now. Chances are he spent a lot of time in the principal's office in elementary school. His specialty was Muay Thai.

Dana said he expected it to be a stand-up fight. With about 6 minutes left in the show, it was probably not going to be a lengthy fight.

(2) Marlon Sims vs. Matt Wiman. Matt threw a big punch and took Sims down. This was almost like the first fight of the night with Wiman taking Sims' back and pounding his opponent and choking him out. Out cold. Big John McCarthy announced Wiman as the winner by submission choke out.

B.J. was grinning now. Two wins in one night.

"Son of a bitch," Sims said. No kidding. Wonder if he'll still be telling those tall tales?

Next week, the quarter finals will start, but B.J. and Pulver cannot agree on the match-ups. Also, two fighters brawl in the backyard of the TUF House.

* * * * *



Moving on to the quarter finals:

Nate Diaz (Beat Rob Emerson)

Brandon Melendez (Beat Andy Wang)

Manuel Gamburyan (Beat Noah Thomas)

Cole Miller (Beat Allen Berube)

Joe Lauzon (Beat Brian Geraghty)

Corey Hill (Beat Rob Emerson)

Matt Wiman (Beat Marlon Sims)

Gray Maynard (Beat Wayne Weems)

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