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The Impact Report:: The Debut of the TNA Title

By Saad Naeem
May 17, 2007, 22:39


The TNA pay per view Sacrifice took place this past Sunday and my oh my was it filled with lots of surprises. For anyone that doesn’t know yet, Kurt Angle is the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. However, this decision was reached after much controversy. It seemed as if Sting had Christian Cage rolled up for the three count while he tapped out to the Ankle Lock. Surely, Kurt Angle being the new World’s Heavyweight Champion and the circumstances surrounding it will play a major role tonight on Impact.

Video Package plays highlights of the main event of Sacrifice and it’s controversial ending. We also hear comments from the three participants about the situation.

Easy Come, Easy Go

The Champ is here! Opening the show this week is the new World’s champ himself, Kurt Angle. But there’s a bigger story here. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new title belt! Yup Angle brings a shiny new strap to the ring and I must say it looks much better than the old one. Kurt says he worked 8 months for it, but finally he is the new TNA World’s Heavyweight Champion. Upon this utterance, the Impact Zone goes dark and out comes Sting. Stinger admits that at Sacrifice he tapped out to Kurt. But with all that standing, Sting still feels that he should be the champion because he pinned Christian Cage. But even that’s not for sure, cause who knows what happened first. So there is a big question mark on the world title right now. Of course, this brings out Christian Cage and Tomko. Cage claims that he should still be champ because of what the TNA rulebooks say. “In the event of a controversial finish where there is no clear cut winner, the title goes back to the champion.” He walks to the ring to claim back his title but is stopped midway by Jim Cornette. He declares that at Sacrifice, Cage got pinned so he’s not the champ. Sting tapped out so he’s not the champ. Cornette even takes the belt from Kurt and tells him he’s not the champ! You see Kurt, Referee Andrew Thomas was not the official ref, so his decision is now null and void. Jimbo proceeds to dis all three men and says guys like Rhino and Samoa Joe are hungier than them for the title. Cornette needs a “money ballplayer” on top of TNA , so he makes a huge announcement. In the upcoming weeks, ten men will fight in 5 one on one contests to qualify for the King of The Mountain Match at Slammiversary. He leaves the ring saying “let the best man win.”

A for Actions, B for Blood and C for Consequences

Jeremy Borash is backstage with The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Daniels talks about Action and Consequences and how Sting understands consequences. They show a clip of Daniels bleeding profusely at Sacrifice at the hands of Rhino. As a result, he has an open challenge for anyone tonight in a first blood match. It was a brief segment but still very weird.

We are shown Eric Young in the crowd with TNA’s new mascot: Stomper the Kangaroo. I thought TNA was owned by Pandas, no?

Mitchell’s Monster

We get a great hype up video about Mitchell’s new pet project. It’s full of explosions and eerie images that serve as imagery for what this new recruit is capable of. Mitchell is one hell of a super seller here and his description of this new star makes me think that it might be the Devil himself. Good stuff out of Mitchell here. Very intense.

Match 1: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. Jerry Lynn & Tiger Mask IV

Guess Kurt Angle isn’t the only one rockin’ new bling. Chris Sabin (the X Division Champion) has got himself a new belt as well. Lookin good TNA, lookin good. Anyways this match started off with a bang. Sabin and Lynn hit each other with some great high impact moves. Jerry hit a head scissors and tagged in Tiger Mask. Sabin retreats to his corner and gives the tag to Shelley. Shells hits a jawbreaker on the Japanese visitor Tiger Mask. Following that was a phenomenal double team move where Sabin hit a springboard dropkick to the back and Shelley hit an STO. A suplex was attempted but Mask countered it into an enziguri. Chris hit his Sabin Acecrusher and Jerry gets thrown out to the floor. Then Sabin and Shelley hit their absolutely amazing kicking combo on Tiger Mask for the win.

Winners: Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley

After the match, the victors ambushed Jerry Lynn. The lay it to him but to the rescue comes Mr. Backland. But what could he do? The young guns take out Backland in no time. That brings out “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. His arrival is well enough to save Backland and Lynn.

First Dutt Kick Butt then Dutt Kiss Butt

Back in the back with Jeremy Borash who is standing by with Kevin Nash. He is questioned about Sonjay Dutt’s actions at Sacrifice. Dutt kicked you in the butt, whatsup with that? In comes Sonjay who immediately apologizes fort his actions citing adrenaline as the reason for the kick. Kevin reluctantly forgives but makes it clear that if this ever happens again, Sonjay will be sorry.

Match 2: Raven vs. Christopher Daniels in a First Blood Match

Each wrestler has his respective weapon of choice for this contest. Daniels immediately went to lay out Raven with his baseball bat but Senor Serotonin comes back with his kendo stick. A screwdriver is bought into play but Daniels escapes a shot to the head and the screwdriver gets stuck in the turnbuckle. Raven introduces a chair into the match but Daniels is the one that uses it. He repeatedly slams Raven’s head on it. Daniels hits an enziguri but his attempted STO on a chair is blocked. Raven comes back with a clothesline on the chair. Raven breaks a Kendo stick on his knee and tries to scrape it’s jagged end across Fallen Angel’s head. Before blood spewed, Daniels connected with a crotch shot. This would come back to bite Raven in the butt cause Daniels picked up the broken pieces of the kendo stick and stuck it into Raven’s head to draw blood.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

After the match, Daniels peeled off his bandage and repeatedly headbutted Raven until he too was bleeding. Yea I know what a weirdo. But Serotonin stepped into the ring before things got really weird. Lights went dim as Kaz said that it was Raven’s turn to be disciplined. He demanded Raven to kneel and Raven complied. Kaz got the shot ready but when he was about to connect, Havok and Martyr stepped in his way. Raven got up and slapped in Kaz’s face and then told him to leave the ring.


It’s not you, it’s me

JB in the back with Sting. Sting doesn’t care how many times he has to qualify for the title shot. He’ll do whatever it takes. Then Christopher Daniels shows up. He so ecstatic about what he just did in the ring and credits Sting for telling him to about it. Daniels is following the path Sting has asked him too and things couldn’t be better. When Sting argues that he said no such thing, Daniels says that he’s not the one that’s lost, it’s Sting.

Kanga-Roode and Eric Young

Roode vs. Jarrett highlights from Sacrifice.

Eric Young makes his way to the ring being accompanied by lots of “friends.” Eric says that he wants to thank Jeff Jarrett. Double J taught him to stand up for himself and to do what is right. In addition, Young shows his appreciation for the fans’ support by telling them Thank You as well. Just as Young says he is a free man now, Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks come out. Roode says that he still owns Eric and threatens to fire him. But luckily for Eric, the rules have changed. Roode can’t fire him cause Cornette has changes things. So here’s some advice kiddo. How about you go and find yourself a good attorney cause Roode is gonna sue Young for all that he’s worth. Robert hands Eric an envelope which Young rubs on his butt and throws it at Eric. That ticked off Roode who decked Eric in the face. Young fought back but Ms. Brooks interfered and Roode got the better of the situation. The fans chanted for Jarrett but he was not there tonight. Stomper the Kangaroo climbed the apron and distracted Roode while one of Eric’s friend handed him a chair. It was a swing and a miss as Roode ran away just in time.

Match 3: Kurt Angle vs. Rhino in a KOTM match qualifier

This match was dead even to begin with. Kurt and Rhino went back and forth with side headlocks and shoulder tackles but neither man had a clear advantage. Rhino hit a TKO but got a two count off it. Angle locked in the Ankle Lock but Rhino reversed and hit a powerslam. Rhino set up for the Gore but he missed it only to be caught by a German Suplex. Angle locked Rhino in a rear naked choke but Rhino fought out. He hit a clothesline on Kurt and then a spear in the corner. Following that was a Northern Lights Suplex for the two and a spinebuster with the same results. Angle climbed the top rope but Rhino cut him off. Then he bought him down with a huge superplex off the top. Angle escaped a belly to belly and hit Rhino with a German Suplex again. The straps come down and he goes for the Angle Slam, but Rhino managed to escape. Rhino sets up for the Gore but gets kicked in the face, HARD! The dazed Rhino was caught with the Angle Slam and we have our first King of the Mountain match participant.

Winner: Kurt Angle

After the match we are sent backstage to Jim Cornette’s office. He announces Sting vs. Samoa Joe as the second KOTM qualifier for next week. Then there is a knock at the door. And then we see the door…in Rick Steiner’s hand. The Steiner Brothers are here and they demand time with Team 3D in the ring next week. Jimbo sees this as money and grants their request.

Adrenaline Rush video highlighting tonight’s events and developments

Saad Says…

Impact was okay tonight. Nothing too special really except for the King of the Mountain Match hype. It’s good to see that build up for Slammiversary has already started. The King of the Mountain Match is one very important thing that sets TNA apart from WWE. So it’s good to see that this is something they are putting much emphasis on. However, it did come as a surprise that Kurt Angle was stripped of the belt so fast. Was that called for?

Alright! We finally have TNA belts! And might I add they look absolutely awesome. Very good move here by TNA. Again, identifying itself as a long term player in this business. And what is the best part is that all the titles were changed. The new straps give more meaning to the word champion, but let’s not forget the long and prestigious history attached to the old ones as well.

Great way to end the show though. Joe and Sting is gonna be amazing! I can’t wait and it was good to draw in some viewers for next week. Speaking of next week, the confrontation between Team 3D and The Steiner Brothers is gonna be something great too. I see one hell of a fued developing between these two great tag teams.

I guess that just about does it for me. If you have any suggestions, comments or criticisms then please do tell. My e-mail address is or you can hit me up with a PM at the Insanity Message Boards. The username is Naeem920.

See you back here in a day or two with The Heat Report.

Until then I'm Saad Naeem and that was Impact.

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