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Aaron Wood's Smackdown - Edge comes home

By Aaron Wood
May 18, 2007, 19:58


LAST WEEK ON SMACKDOWN:  Batista drew, Undertaker lost, and Edge very much won.



How Smackdown found an Edge...

We kick off with the shocking events of last week.  If you weren't watching last week, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? Anyway, after Undertaker & Batista drew in their cage match, Mark Henry destroyed Taker afterwards, leaving the way open for Edge to cash in his newly won Money In the Bank privilege to beat Undertaker.


The show started and they had the ramp in place this week, which was unusual for them.  Cole & JBL said Edge would be giving his "inaugural address" and that Ozzy Osbourne would perform live.  Taking a page from WSX's book. 


MVP def. Matt Hardy in a "Well, no-one reads Matt's blog in Baltimore..." match

Anyway, Edge was later.  Lita's other former white meat, Matt Hardy came out for his match, followed by MVP.  The crowd chanted for Hardy (Although not "Matt For Champ" as he hopes, as the combatants exchanged holds and knockdowns to begin with.  MVP got Hardy in the corner, but Hardy recovered, whipping Porter off the ropes.  However, MVP telegraphed Hardy's next move, kicking him down for a 2 count.  MVP locked in a fairly unique neck hold, using his leg.  Hardy punched his way to the ropes, forcing the break.  Hardy slammed MVP down, and went to the second rope, hitting an elbow to the back of the standing MVP's head.  MVP laid a couple of forearms into the small of Hardy's back, before slamming him and hitting a falling forearm to the face.  Montel went back to the neck hold.  Hardy hit a nice drop-toe hold counter.  Hardy elbowed MVP, dropping another for a 2 count.  MVP got a drop toehold on Hardy before kicking Hardy out of the ring as he got back up.  Hardy looked a bit dazed as we took a break.


We came back with MVP still on the offence, as MVP scored a nearfall, before going back to a neck lock.  Hardy tried to fight out, but Porter kneed Matt in the gut.  MVP hit a thumb to the eye, before hitting the high boot to Hardy's head in the corner.  MVP stalked Hardy as the referee checked on him.  Hardy said he could continue, but Porter took Hardy down and scored another 2 count.  Hardy flailed away, but MVP hit an uppercut and then a punch for another 2.  MVP got Matt on his shoulders and dropped him down.  However another kick to the head missed, Hardy hitting the Side Effect to counter.  Hardy hit a forearm for 2, before he whipped Hardy into the corner.  He hit a clothesline, following up with a bulldog.  Matt moved to go up top, but he found it tough.  MVP ran towards him but was punched away.  Hardy then dropped an elbow for a close 2 count.  Hardy went for a Twist Of Fate, but MVP countered, dropping Hardy into the corner, before hitting The Playmaker for the win!


Thoughts - 7/10 - It was fine enough, but it felt a bit too slow at times.  NOT that it was boring at all.  It just seemed as though they were going at 80% speed.  But as it was, it was a perfectly serviceable match.


After a couple of replays, Cole got in the ring for comments from MVP.  Porter said that all the playa-hater's were glad the deck was stacked, but at the PPV, he's overcome everything in his path and beat Benoit twice and be BALLIN~!


Then, the first of a number of "film trailers" that put Edge over as the "Rated R Superstar" aired.  And it happened to have Lita in it, seeing the "Live Sex Celebration".  Whatever happened to "persona non grata"?


He may be good, but he'd not God!

We were shown footage from last week after Edge had won the title and left.  It was said that "The Spirit Of The Undertaker Left Smackdown".  We saw a bunch of druids come out, intermixed with highlights of Taker's career, but in reverse.  The Druids carried Taker away, literally Christ-like.  Very cool video and one I have no doubt we'll see when he's ready to return.


Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Jimmy Wang Yang def. Deuce, Domino & Chavo Guerrero in a "Well, the division really is just Yang & Chavo now..." match

Deuce & Domino came out first, without a car, but it FINALLY gave Cherry the chance to do some proper roller skating down the ramp!  Chavo followed, so yes, he's still with the company.  Jimmy Wang Yang two-stepped down the ramp, wearing a white "wifebeater", in lieu of his usual vest.  Then Londrick came out, and while Kendrick had his usual mask on, London had a bandito neckerchief on!


London & Chavo started it off, with Chavo gaining the immediate advantage after a distraction, but London came back with a headscissors, tagging in London.  Spanky took Chavo towards their corner, tagging in London, who in one motion rolled up Chavo for 2.  Deuce came in, but London stayed in control.  Yang was brought in , with an assisted crossbody for a 2 count.  Chavo and Domino distracted Spanky, allowing Deuce to punch him down.  Chavo came in, with a kick to the ribs, before hitting a European uppercut.  The heels worked well together on Kendrick.  However, Spanky knocked Deuce & Domino off the apron and kicked Chavo down, allowing him to tag in Yang.  Yang used a variety of kicks, getting a 1 count from a spinning heel kick.  Chavo hit a back suplex, but a corner charge was blocked, Yang coming off the ropes with a kick to the jaw.  And Londrick dealt with the Greasers, Yang hit the Moonsault on Chavo for the win!


The three victors all did a two-step to celebrate.  Must remind myself to "gif" that...


Thoughts - 6/10 - Not a whole bunch to this, but it was exciting enough action to keep me interested. 


Mark Henry def. Funaki in a "A tasty appetiser..." match

And for the first time, in a LONG time, Three Six Mafia hit the arena, and one of the best themes in WWE led Mark Henry out, as we saw a recap of Henry's beating on Taker last week.  And this week's lamb to the slaughter was poor old Funaki...  Couldn't they have had Henry kill Scotty Taylor on his way out?  Funaki certainly didn't want to be there.  Funaki got the first shot, but Henry didn't sell it.  Funaki dived at Henry just swatted him down.  Funaki rolled out of the way of an elbow drop, but he dived off the top onto Henry, who simply caught him and dropped him with the World's Strongest Slam for the win.


Thoughts - 2/10 - Well, "the beast" is back...  I like Henry more than most.  If anything, I'd have stuck him on RAW to face Cena, since they are going for the "monster" vibe there.  It'll be interesting to see if he can stay healthy though.


We got a Lashley/Vince-centric RAW Rebound, before seeing Benoit walk, as we took a break.


Chris Benoit def. Finlay by DQ in a "Never mind MVP right now...and that's saying something." match

Dear lord, please make this a long one.  They circled each other, before locking up.  It hit the corner, forcing a break.  They locked up again, with neither man giving an inch, until hey went to another corner.  Finlay trash talked, prompting Benoit to chop him and take it to him.  Finlay got knocked down for a quick 2 count.  Finlay took a leg, and locked it in a hold, but Benoit countered into a sleeper.  Finlay got out of it though.  They got back up and Finlay suckered Benoit in a test of strength, taking him down.  Finlay put on a chinlock, but Benoit hiptossed out of it, dropkicking Finlay to the outside.  Benoit followed Finlay out, but was shoved into the steps.  Finlay threatened a shillelagh shot, but decided against it.  He locked in an ankle hold, transitioning into a leg one and then back to the ankle.  Benoit reached out and grabbed the ropes.  In the corner, Finlay wrapped Benoit's leg in the ropes and kicked it.  Finlay continued to work the leg, wrenching it in all sorts of ways.  With Benoit in the corner, Finlay dove for him, but Benoit moved and hit a German.  He couldn't do another, but he ended up hitting Eddie's old Triple Verticals.  Benoit went to go up, but Finlay knocked him from the apron to the floor.  When Benoit crawled back in the ring, Finlay took Benoit down again for a submission as we took a break.


Benoit missed an enziguri as we came back, Finlay putting on the same STO variant as he did before the break.  However, Benoit made the ropes.  Finlay took Finlay to the side of the ring, and wrapped the leg on the edge of the apron.  However, Finlay came back in, only to be met with chops.  Finlay took the advantage again, putting on a Single Leg Crab.  A Benoit enziguri caught Benoit in the shoulder.  Benoit then managed to hit the Triple German.  Hornswaggle scampered in the ring.  Finlay tried his best to put the little guy in a sharpshooter.  In the meantime, Finlay grabbed his shillelagh, but Benoit ducked the shot, locking in the Crossface.  However, MVP ran in for the DQ.  Benoit took it to MVP, but Finlay clubbed Finlay in the leg, allowing Porter to beat on Benoit, a beating which ended with the high boot in the corner.


Thoughts - 8/10 - Really good stuff here.  Great psychology and a great story.


It's should have been Boogeyman, damn it!!!

Backstage. Jillian tried to get the attention of Ozzy Osbourne, who was being led through the backstage area by security.  However, he paid no attention.  I wouldn't take it personally.  I mean, Ozzy apparent does a daily workout, and after an hour, he work's out what day it is.



Justin Roberts (man, triple duty for him this week...) introduced Ashley, in her return.  However, she simply introduced Ozzy Osbourne, doing the song from his new album that soundtracks Judgement Day.    Freakin' Awesome!  It's funny how in the crowd shots, the kids looked confused while the adults totally rocked out.  It might be a cheap steal of an idea from WSX< but you know, I'd like to see more of this.  Timbaland & The Hives especially, since that video is aired next week.


After the song, Ozzy played to the crowd as we saw another Edge trailer.


Those REALLY were the days.

Back to November 2002 we go, and we were smack-bang in the "Smackdown Six" period, as in this example, our new Champion Edge, took on the current Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero.  For whatever reason, the commentary was missing for the first minute or two, but really, who cares?  Really good match, as the "Smackdown Six" matches pretty much all were that ended with Edge hitting the Edge-cution for the clean win.  Man, I so miss that Rob Zombie entrance theme...


The Miz def. Christian York in a "The Daltons couldn't get on for time, and yet this was so important?" match

Seriously, they hyped something for this week a week previously.  it gets cut from the show due to timing issues, and yet this was deemed important enough to be on?  I mean, like Mark Henry, I like The Miz more than most, but that is the sort of bait and switch I don't like.  I get why people would promote something and then swerve it at the last minute, but not to even have something at all that was promoted ahead of time isn't right in my book.  However, that won't colour my judgement here.  It's also funny that in a week where there has been a lot of talk (and action) about the job security of the ECW originals, they had Christian York, who wrestled at the ass-end of the old ECW (with Joey "Mercury" Matthews, no less), here.


The locked up, with Miz pushing York into the corner.  They shoved each other, but Miz clotheslined York down.  Miz put on a front facelock, clubbing the back, before hitting a hangman's neckbreaker.  York was whipped into the corner, where Miz hit his trademark clothesline in the corner.  Miz made a cover, but picked York up at 2.  Miz then hit a Swinging neckbreaker/reverse DDT for the win.  Quite cool, actually.


Thoughts - 2/10 - It was what it was. web...

We went backstage where Kristal thanked Teddy for the interview for Vicki.  Teddy said he'd do anything to make Kristal happy.  A knock at the door brought Vicki in.  Vicki said that before they got started, she said that she was trying to do positive things in her life, but Teddy said that he said that he had reservations.  Vicki said she wanted to change the perception.  Vicki flattered Teddy with what Kristal has said to her.  Teddy agreed to the interview in the end.


Kane def. William Regal in a "See you next Monday, William?" match

Kane headed out first, all alone, while Regal had his buddy Dave Taylor with him.  However, before the match started, Boogeyman's music kicked in and Boogeyman, with Lil' Boogey on his back came out. The two locked up, but Regal was easily powered into the corner, where Kane went to work on him.  However, after Kane charged in, Regal got his feet up, driving Kane to another corner, where Regal was able to get his licks in.  Regal got knees and kicks in on Kane as the monster was on his knees.  However, Kane backdropped Regal, as he came off the ropes.  Regal got a drop toe-hold, allowing Regal to club on Kane's ribs and chest.  Although Regal threw forearms, Kane created separation with an uppercut.  However, Regal caught Kane and powered him over.  Kane came back, hitting the sidewalk slam, before heading up top, hitting the diving clothesline.  Taylor distracted Kane, allowing Regal to leave the ring, which allowed Regal to ram Kane into the apron.  However, Taylor attacked Boogeyman and rolled the little guy in the ring.  However, Lil' Boogey ran away, allowing Kane to hit a chokeslam for the win.  The Boogeymen had lunch (i.e. worms) to celebrate.


Thoughts - 6/10 - This was decent enough stuff, but nothing at all different from what this combination has given us over the last few weeks.


Playing the part of the Undertaker tonight will be Edge...

Teddy Long was in the ring, ready to introduce the new World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, who got the huge-ass pyro treatment.  he also got a carpet doing down the ramp, with the "Rated-R" logo on it.  The mat had also been covered with the same carpet.  Edge wondered if he could get the introduction a bit better.  His name was Edge and he was OUR World Heavyweight Champion.  The crowd got a bit of a "You Suck" going.  He brought up the fact he was Canadian, but he was ashamed to be a Canuck.  He'd be ashamed to be an American too.  He said that he had to leave North America to get the  respect he deserved.  He said that he also didn't get respect on RAW, and that made him sick, as he beat everyone around.  He beat Cena for his first title.  he said that he's give the Smackdown audience the benefit of the doubt as they were likely to be more sophisticated.  Well, he got that right.  He was going to be a champion we could be proud of.  A fighting champion.  Long, who was stood in the corner, interrupted.  He said he was going to hold Edge to that, as on Sunday, he'd be facing Batista.  Edge said that he wasn't afraid of Deacon Dave, as he could defeat Undertaker while Batista couldn't.  Edge told Long to bring him on.


That seemed like a convenient place to cue Batista's music, so they did.  Batista headed out (dressed well, for once).  he got himself a mic to welcome Edge to Smackdown.  Since Edge was new, he was going to tell Edgeward what he told Taker. The title belonged to him, and he'd be getting it back on Sunday.  They eyeballed each other as the show ended.


OVERALL - 7/10 (- 2 on last week) - Can’t really hang around this week, but this was a pretty good show.  What it very much lacked was a heavy dose of hype for Sunday, with Benoit & MVP’s pretty much being presented as Smackdown’s main event, which is rather understandable given the chaos of the main event scene recently.  But as an episode of wrestling TV it was fine.


That’s all I got for now, but if you have something to say about this week’s Smackdown, you can e-mail me at dedicated e-mail address, or come hunt me down on the WWI Forums!

OR, you can find me along with the rest of the dribbling masses on MY OWN MYSPACE PAGE!


Well, I’ll be back soon enough with an audio, although at this rate, it might not be until first thing Sunday morning.  However, I believe I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligations.  For reading this, And continuing to support World Wrestling Insanity, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…


I’m out.

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