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All Good With Aaron Wood - WWE Judgment Day preview & "Future Endeavours"

By Aaron Wood
May 20, 2007, 09:21


Sorry, no audio, as I half-promised.  It's been a helluva weekend.  I ain't no "petrol-head", so I told my uncle that I (finally) wanted to get a car, and boy, does he throw himself into stuff, taking me places to see what was about.  So yeah...not that I had much beyond tonight's PPV and the recent releases anyway.


So, here's a preview of tonight's show:

WWE Title - John Cena vs. Great Khali

It seems as though they WWE is going for an 80's Hogan vs. Monster vibe.  That thinking, I can get behind.  Hell, it made them more millions than many thought possible.  However, was it such a great idea to start with Khali, the tallest and heaviest of the lot?  I'd have thought you worked up to that point.  Who tops Khali?  I can only think of Mark Henry, since he's a better worker than Khali and still legit big enough to be a threat.  But he's only just come back to Smackdown.  And putting Snitsky up as a challenger would be a retroactive move, in my view.  He's not as big as Khali, not as heavy and arguably not as good a worker, all things considered.


Personally, I don't think the match will suck as bad as some think/hope it will, although it's not exactly going to be a mat classic.  Cena can take a beating, and Khali can dish one out.  As for a finish?  I think this one could run into next month and One Night Stand, with Cena taking a DQ win tonight, facing and beating Khali in a gimmick match there, which would give Snitsky the perfect excuse to attack Cena then.


World Heavyweight Title - Edge vs. Batista

After the chaos of the last few weeks in the Smackdown main event picture, it's nice that they've graced us with a presence this month at all.  I mean, you could tell that they are effectively treating Benoit vs. MVP as their main contribution to the show, given how it was treated on Friday.  Not that I blame them.  They've had a lot to deal with.  Anyway, unless they want a TON of unhappy fans, asking "Why didn't they just put the belt non him in the first place?", then there's no way in hell Edge is losing this one.  But then again, it wouldn't surprise me if HHH tried to shaft Edge from afar, since HHH wanted to feud with Edge on his return (and presumably beat him).  There's been a suggestion that's why he lost to HBK on Monday, and Batista is HHH's boy...


ECW Title - Bobby Lashley vs. Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & Umaga

I'm now torn as to how I want this to go.  I think it would be better for McMahon to drop the belt at ONS (if only it were still in the Hammerstein...what heat!), after last Tuesday's ECW TV show, I really want to see Lashley vs. Marcus Cor Von ASAP.  I'll have to go with my first instincts on this one and say that Lashley will get screwed out of the win, setting up a final showdown with Vince or the three of them, winning the title in June.


US Title - Chris Benoit vs. MVP (2 Out Of 3 Falls)

Even as a charter member of Matt Dawgs's "MVP Bandwagon", I think this has to be MVP's last believable chance at winning the US Title, after failing at the last 2 PPV's now.  This feud has been awesome, but I don't think MVP could take another loss at the crucial time, without the "choke artist" label beginning to be thrust upon him.


Thankfully, I trust Benoit, who see MVP as his "project" and is looking to give back these days, to realise the time to drop the belt is now.  I do think MVP will win this one.  He might not win it 100% cleanly, but I think he will win it.  I can see MVP taking the first fall by cheating, with Benoit coming back with a sharpshooter (given how MVP has mastered the counter to the Crossface to this point) to tie it up, with MVP finishing him off, maybe after a sneaky belt shot, to take the belt.


Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

Who wins?  The injured guy or the guy who thinks he's in a rock band?  It's a tough call, but with Edge gone from RAW and HBK now apparently injured and going to "gut out" the PPV match, they can't now job Orton out for too much longer, as much as they may want to.  It would behove them to have Orton go over here and put HBK out, which he could wine and dine on until HHH comes back.


So with that said, look for HBK to win clean as a whistle.


Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk

It's always good to see these 2 on PPV, although I thought they would have saved it for ONS.  Then again, it doesn't mean there won't be a gimmicked rematch.  It's interesting though, as this has been de-emphasised in the last couple of weeks for Burke's totalitarian rule over the New Breed, and Matt Striker especially.  This match could indeed go either way.  The New Breed could get it right and help their leader win, or they could stuff it up again (well, Striker could), letting Punk sneak out the win.  Hopefully, with there being 7 matches on the card (and Cena/Khali not going too much longer than 10 minutes), these 2 will get time to put on a show.


Ric Flair vs. Carlito

This match will be the true test of how much heat Carlito has with management over his comments about Wrestlemania.  Personally, I thought they were just pretty much in character, but it was reported, at the time, that his heat was "nuclear".  I say this because in anyone's right mind, Carlito should be winning this and winning this well.  And you know something?  I think he will go over here, because I don't think he does have that much heat.  He's recently finished hosting what will be the (going to be awesome) "Most Powerful Families" DVD, and that's not a job you give someone you don't like.


Overall, I think this show has some potential to it.  Given how the WWE seem to have abandoned it to move on, especially after Smackdown, then just like Sacrifice, the lack of writing for it may well mean that the work will take precedence, and with these matches, that would mean we should get some good stuff.


My only other thing right now is the recent releases (is it officially a "bloodletting" yet?).  I just thought I'd pitch in my thoughts, as if they were worth a damn.

Vito - I'm not surprised by this.  There aren't many places to go after being known as the guy who wore a dress.  Unlike some, I do think that, by the end, they had wringed it of it's potential, because it wasn't going to get anywhere beyond the lower-midcard.  And if he ever came back, I doubt he'd be seen as "the guy who wore the dress".


Sabu - He sure as hell deserved it in the end.  Zah had it spot on in his column.  If Sabu wants to kill himself in front of 50 people, good luck to him, but after the way he acted, he deserved to get canned.


Angel Williams - Don't know her.  I don't think I've ever seen her work, since I never saw any DSW.  But there are a number of women elsewhere I would like to see on the main roster.


Rob Conway - This one was a shame.  Not because he was ever going to get to be any great shakes in terms of a draw.  It's because not only would he have been handy for a La Resistance reunion in place of the currently suspended Rene Dupree, but also because he'd have been a good hand down in Louisville or the new Florida-based developmental program.  But that's the thing.  Just because he's gone now, it doesn't mean he can never come back.  Hell, very, very, very, very few people end up staying away.


Ariel - You know, after the initial reaction, since she had the most TV time out of everyone else released (barring Sabu), I'm a bit torn on this one.  I mean, I'm still on the side of "shouldn't have gone", but in the grand scheme of things, even with her unique look, she wasn't adding much overall, aside from her entrance.  This one does smack of "Heyman purge" though, as Paul E was the one who wanted Shelly Martinez to be Ariel.  That's coupled with the news that Thorn would be less "Vampire-based" (another Heyman-pushed idea).  It does suck, but it isn't devastating.


Scorpio - The word "Meh" very much comes to mind.  He got a job.  He did nothing except appear in OVW a few times, but other than that, he sat at home collecting a cheque, so...


Scotty Taylor - Ding Dong, the Worm is gone!  Never been a fan of him, never will be.  See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!


Mitch - This one's a bit of a shame too, since he is young and athletic, but like Vito, minus a MAJOR overhaul, he'd have had the "stink" of the Spirit Squad on him, so to go away and get more exposure outside of the WWE system will hopefully help him, and help fans forget about him being part of the Squad.


Well anyway, I better shuffle off for now.  I've got stuff to do, so I will have an audio next week clearing up a bunch of gubbins that I've been holding onto for a couple of weeks.  Enjoy the Judgment Day PPV however you absorb it.  I would very much expect that there will be the glorious return of Mike "Real Time" Rickard to real-time reporting.  Then again, I only say that it'll probably be Mike, because all I know is that I haven't been asked to do it.  Well, I hope it's because Mike's doing it...


Anyway, I'll definitely be back with ECW on Wednesday morning, but until then, I believe I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligations.  For reading this, and continuing to support World Wrestling Insanity, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…


I’m out.

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