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WWE Judgment Day Real Time Report: Match By Match Results

By Mike Rickard II
May 20, 2007, 19:09


Judgment Day

Welcome to World Wrestling Insanity's


This report is being written in Real Time as the show progresses.  Hit "Refresh" to see the latest results. Members:
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Plus, recent interviews with Ole Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, Dustin Rhodes, and many more.

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while you keep up with all the real time results.  Ole shoots hard on the Horsemen, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and much more.

 1.  Ric “Nature Boy” Flair vs. Carlito-the 16 time world champion has nothing to prove and Carlito has everything to prove after being accused of having no passion for the business.  Carlito lays into Flair early as Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross talk about Flair’s failed mission to mentor Carlito to success.  Flair fights back but Carlito quickly regains the advantage.  Carlito is out for blood tonight.  He lines Flair’s arm up on the ringpost and dropkicks it, causing considerable pain to Flair.  Apparently Flair’s campaign to bring out the fire in Carlito has backfired as Carlito is showing a lot of intensity against his former mentor, working over Flair’s left shoulder.    Flair fights back with some chops (pretty all the offense he’s had all night) but Carlito stops him cold with a series of punches before returning to Flair’s arm.   Flair’s arm and shoulder gets more punishment as Carlito puts him in a hammerlock.  Flair slips out but Carlito knocks him down with a nice looking dropkick.  Despite some flashes of offense from Flair, Carlito is dominating the match.  Finally, Flair’s chops seem to find their mark and Flair chops Carlito down to the mat.  Flair’s left arm appears to be useless by now thanks to Carlito’s attack.  Carlito can see this and he puts Flair back into an Armbar.  Amazingly, Flair somehow manages to find his way out and demonstrating the resilence that made him such a tough world champion, Flair fights back as if he hasn’t even started the match, ignoring his injured arm.  Carlito finds himself under attack from the 16 time former world champion as Flair works over his legs.  Before Carlito realizes it, Flair has locked him in the figure four leglock.  Carlito taps out faster than you can say “That’s not cool”


WINNER:  Ric “Nature Boy” Flair by submission


INTERVIEW:  “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels talks about his upcoming match with Randy Orton.  Out of nowhere, RKO shows up and blindsides Michaels, leaving him laying backstage.  Given the rumors that HBK is working hurt, we may not even see this match tonight.


2.  3 on 1 handicap match:  ECW World Heavyweight Championship  Shane McMahon, Umaga, and Vince McMahon (Champion) vs. Bobby Lashley

Can you say squash?  Bobby Lashely catches everyone by surprise.  He knocks Umaga out of the ring and with the Samoan Bulldozer out of the ring, Vince McMahon is quickly laid out. Lashley quickly attends to Vince’s son Shane and decimates him.  Lashley covers Shane to win the ECW Championship (or so it seems)


WINNER:  Bobby Lashley (Vince McMahon still champion)


After the match, Umaga attacks Lashley from behind and floors him with the Samoan Spike.  A bitter Vince McMahon grabs the microphone and announces that while Lashley won the match, he did not win the title as he did not pin the champion (Vince)


BACKSTAGE:  WWE physician Dr. Frankenputz is examining the fallen HBK.  The good doctor advises HBK that he cannot allow Michaels to wrestle tonight so apparently the RKO/HBK match is off.


3.  CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke: Punk enters the ring with his ribs heavily taped (I thought doctors stopped doing that?).  Tazz points out that this is a battle of two “young lions” (a term I haven’t heard that often since the days of Gordon Solie).  Burke goes for the easy attack and lays into Punk’s ribs before Punk slows him down with a side headlock.  Burke escapes by attacking Punk’s ribs but CM Punk puts him back into a headlock.  Burke goes back to the ribs with a series of martial arts kicks and right hands.  Punk has lots of heart though and he catches Burke with a spin kick followed by a suplex.  Punk puts Burke into the corner and charges in, staggering Burke.  Punk continues the offense with a beautiful vertical suplex (shades of Ric Flair circa 1979).  Punk slows things down with another headlock but Burke knows all he needs to do to escape is punch Punk in the ribs and that’s what he does.  Burke seems off his game though and Punk regains the upper hand.  When Burke throws Punk into the corner, Punk catches him with a high cross bodyblock for a nearfall.  Once again, Burke goes after Punk’s ribs but Punk catches him with a lifted boot.  However when Punk goes for a high knee on Burke, Burke lifts him over the top rope, hurling Punk out of the ring.  Punk surprises Burke with a sunset flip but it’s not enough.  Once again, Punk is in control, using a headlock to keep Burke on the mat.  However Burke gets to his feet and sends Punk into the ropes.  When Punk goes for the GTS, Burke holds the ropes.  Punk delivers more punishment to Burke by dropkicking him out of the ring.  Punk follows up by diving through the ropes onto Burke.  Things get back into the ring where Punk tries another cover on Burke, once again failing to finish off his opponent.  Burke fires back with a slingshot suplex on Punk’s ribs, then he puts Punk into a bodyscissors, focusing on Punk’s ribs.  Punk punches his way out and goes for what looks like a fisherman’s suplex.  However Burke rolls him up into a cradle for a two count.  After the pin is broken, both men go to the top rope where Punk gains control, delivering a superplex.  Tazz and Styles wonder who took more damage, given Punk’s injured ribs.  Both men are down now with the referee coming close to counting them out before both men get off their feet around the 9 count.  They trade blows before Punk gains control again.  Enziguri on Burke and Punk covers him for yet another nearfall.    After Burke escapes an attempted bulldog, Punk tries the GTS (Go to Sleep) but Burke slips out and hits the Elijah Experience.  However Punk finds a way to kick out.  Burke hits another Elijah Experience but Punk is close enough to the ropes to break the pin.  Burke goes for another Elijah Experience but Punk counters with the GTS, covering Burke and getting the duke.


WINNER:  CM Punk by pinfall.


INTERVIEW:  Krystal interviews World Champion Edge who boasts about the greatest two weeks of his career (winning the World Championship from the Undertaker).  He tells Krystal that Batista doesn’t have a chance.


4.     Randy Orton vs.  Shawn Michaels:  Randy Orton tells the ring announcer to ring the bell since the WWE doctor ruled HBK can’t wrestle.  Unfortunately for RKO, Shawn Michaels staggers his way to ringside and the referee reluctantly allows the match to proceed.  RKO senses a great opportunity and he attacks Michaels, focusing on Michaels’ mangled melon. The referee asks Shawn if he wants to call it a night but HBK stubbornly refuses.  Randy Orton puts Michaels on top of the ringpost and goes for a RKO but Michaels escapes.  With the help of  an adrenaline rush Michaels gets the energy to land a flying elbowsmash.  However Michaels can’t follow up with a Superkick despite his best efforts and the referee makes a judgment call, ending the match due to what he believes is Michaels’ inability to continue.


WINNER:  Randy Orton by decision.


After the match, Randy Orton shows his heelish side by landing an RKO on Michaels.  Michaels’ wife rushes into the ring to check on her fallen husband as WWE officials swarm into the ring.  Michaels is then stretchered out of the ring. 


5. WWE Tag Team Championship (Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (challengers):


JBL and Michael Cole call the match with Cole discussing Cade & Murdoch’s seemingly new attitude.  Things start off slow with neither team gaining a clear advantage.   As  both teams try to dominate, Murdoch reminds Cade to wrestle “by the rules”.  The Hardys slowly begin to gain an advantage over the challengers, using a combination of high flying moves and submission holds to wear down Cade & Murdoch.  With the match slipping away, Cade and Murdoch use roughneck tactics to gain the edge over Matt Hardy.  The two begin double-teaming Matt until Matt escapes and makes the hot tag to Jeff.  Jeff rushes in and goes after Trevor Murdoch, fighting off Murdoch's punches and going for a failed pin.  When Cade joins in, Matt rushes in to even the odds and they clear the ring of Cade & Murdoch.  Cade and Murdoch stand outside the ring, apparently mulling over whether they want to take a powder.  Before the referee counts them out, they enter the ring.  The match resumes with Jeff Hardy going after Murdoch.  Murdoch gains control after Hardy misses a swanton.  Murdoch tags in Lance Cade who beats down Jeff.  Cade makes the quick tag to Murdoch who tries to wear Jeff down with a headlock.  However Jeff makes the hot tag to Matt.  Matt lands the Twist of Fate on Cade and Jeff follows up with the Swanton Bomb to make the pin.


WINNERS:  Matt & Jeff Hardy

VIDEO:  A video package recapping Batista's challenge to the new World Champion airs.

6.  World Heavyweight Championship Match:  Edge vs. Batista (Challenger)

As far as Batista is concerned, the World Championship belongs to him and he makes it clear to Edge that he’s going to regain the championship he held until Wrestlemania 23.   Edge plays pin cushion to Batista until he starts working on Batista’s bandaged up leg.  Edge starts dropping the boots to Batista.  Batista tries to fight back but Edge kicks him in his bandaged leg to regain momentum.  Edge takes Batista to the mat, working over “The Animal’s” left arm.   It takes a tremendous amount of punishment to knock Batista out of action and “The Animal” powers his way back up, using power moves to wear down the champion.  Nearfall on Edge but Edge is far from finished.  Edge looks to be going for a spear but Batista beats him to the punch, flooring the champion.  2 and ¾ count on Edge but Edge manages to lift a shoulder, saving his championship.  Batista powerslams Edge then signals the thumbs down.  However he can’t land the Batista Bomb on Edge and the champion takes advantage of Batista’s surprise by using a rollup (and a handful of tights) to pin Batista.

 WINNER:  Edge (by pinfall)

Backstage:  The Divas are arguing over who they think will win the Cena/Khali match.

7.  United States Championship (2 out of 3 Falls Match) Chris Benoit vs. MVP (Challenger)

A.  First Fall:  Chris Benoit tries to get a submission victory by hitting the Crossface but MVP isn't worn down enough to land the move in the center of the ring.  MVP catches Benoit off guard and hits his finisher for a surprise pin.


B. Second Fall: Down one fall to none, Benoit is in a must-win situation.  Benoit takes it to MVP but things fall apart when MVP clips Benoit's knee and catches the weakened Benoit with "The Playmaker" for the pin.


WINNER OF MATCH:  MVP (New U.S. Champion)

8.  WWE Championship Match:  John Cena vs. the Great Khali (Challenger)

  This one is a simple story of heart over power.  John Cena takes blow after blow from the Great Khali but Khali can't pin Cena's shoulders to the mat.  Several pinfall attempts by Khali but Cena will not surrender.  Finally, Cena realizes that he can't go toe to toe with Khali and he starts ducking and dodging the Great Khali.  Cena's big opportunity opens up when Khali's knee gets blasted with the steel steps.  Cena capitalizes back in the ring by putting Khali in the STFU.  Although the Great Khali's leg is near the rope, he doesn't go for the break and after a surprisingly short amount of time in the hold, Khali taps out. 

WINNER:  John Cena by submission

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