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Aaron Wood's ECW - Burke & Cor Von vs. CM Punk & Someone who isn't supposed to be there...

By Aaron Wood
May 23, 2007, 09:57


LAST WEEK ON ECW:  Stevie could get past Punk, Nunzio hoped an Originals would quit every week and Ariel hung upside down for the last time…



Snitsky def. Tommy Dreamer in a ""So, Sabu bailed just in time..." match

We kicked off without the merest hint of opening credits, but we did get Snitsky.  And we did get the normal ECW Entrance way back, so there you go, all those people who promptly got their granny panties in a twist over them using the Smackdown entrance last week.  It's back.  It wasn't ever going away.  As Snitsky hit the ring, we saw what Snitsky did to RVD last week with a steel chair.  He was followed out by the last remaining Original left for him, Tommy Dreamer.  Dreamer got a few blows on Snitsky in the corner, but was soon sent over the top rope to the floor.  Dreamer hit his shoulder on the apron, a part Snitsky continued to work on when he rammed Dreamer's shoulder into the ringpost before clubbing it in the corner.


After a front face-lock, Snitsky bodyslammed Dreamer down, but he missed a leg drop.  As Dreamer pulled himself back up, Snitsky ran at him for a Boot, but Tommy had learned from last week, moving and letting Snitsky crotch himself on the top rope.  Hey, for once, someone got crotched and it wasn't Tommy!  Things are looking up for the Dream-meister!


Dreamer laid in kicks to Snitsky's leg, before coming off the ropes with a low dropkick.  He hit a DDT while Snitsky was on his knees.  Snitsky sent Tommy into a corner, but Dreamer kicked Snitsky away.  He climbed up to the second rope, but he only came off into a hard clothesline.  Snitsky circled, waiting for Tommy to get up, only so he could hit the Big Boot for the three count.


After the match, Snitsky got himself a chair before forcing Dreamer into a corner.  Snitsky went back for his chair, but turned around into a thrust kick from the top rope to the face (via the chair) by Rob Van Dam.


Thoughts - 4/10 - If it is indeed their intention given this week and last, it's nice that they are booking Snitsky in more competitive matches, indeed working a story into the match.  That said, it still wasn't all that good.  And with Snitsky targeting Dreamer's shoulder, you'd think he'd go for that Double Underhook hold at least once...


Joey & Taz(z) (who was wearing a pink shirt) then sent it to Judgment Day highlights of the ECW Title match.  I have to say, I liked the booking here.  Lashley explosive offence was very cool, but Vince managing to retain the belt, so he can drop it at ONS.  Man, I bet they wish they hadn't taken ONS out of the Hammerstein now.  The heat for Vince as Champion....


Part 2 of an ongoing serie...Hang on...I like this...

The Slutty Nitro Girls that are Extreme Expose made their way out to the ring.  However, THANKFULLY, they weren't here to "dance".  Leyla took the mic, and introduced the new video for Timbaland's next single release, Throw It On Me.  Now, hopefully by now, you'll know how much contempt I have for Extreme Expose.  However, I like Timbaland, and I LOVE The Hives, who feature on this song, so really, the Divas involved would have had to try extra hard to piss me off, and thankfully they didn't manage it.


I do have to ask though, out of the Divas they could have used for a 3 on 3 match, why did they use:

A dance troupe

Someone never seen (until she came out with the rest during RAW) in the arena

A woman who seems to get injured in every bad match she works



Seriously, when Torrie is the best worker out of the six available, you know it's the drizzling poops.


That said, overall, me likey this video.  Don't worry though, as I'm sure they'll be back, badly dancing, next week, at which point I will offer you something better...


Kevin Thorn def. Wyatt Law in a "For a Tarot Reader, I bet Ariel didn't see that coming..." match

Thorn came out all alone, as Joey Jo-Jo Junior explained that Thorn had dumped Ariel's ass, and that he wanted to "fly solo" (so much for him saying there needed to be "new blood" a couple of weeks ago...).  One thing that remained from last week though, as Thorn took his opponent down with a tight side-headlock, before hitting a flapjack and a stiff clothesline.  Thorn rammed the jobber into the corner, but he came back with punches.  But not for long though, as Thorn shoved him down and booted him in the head.  Thorn then placed his prey on the ropes and hit his finisher, suddenly renamed "Original Sin", rather than "Dark Kiss", for the quick win.


Thoughts - 2/10 - I'm very much digging Thorn's apparent new aggression, but I'd rather see it on someone who means a toss.


He's a former school teacher, so he'll be used to being talked to like this...

Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von were talking when Striker came up to them.  Burke said that he didn't want to hear from Striker and that he was talking with someone he could depend on in Cor Von.  Burke then came out and blamed Striker for his loss to CM Punk at Judgment Day.  He said that he couldn't lose focus tonight.  He then told Striker it would be in his best interest to beat the Major brother that Striker was set to face, otherwise, there'd be a problem.  Striker promised to get the job done.


Matt Striker def. Brett Major in a "Is this "name the finishers" night?" match

Striker came out first as we saw the replay of the Major Brother's surprise debut win.  Major got a couple of armdrags before a shoulder block got a quick 1 count.  Striker came back with a nice overhead suplex, before hitting a back suplex for 2, which Taz(z), channelling the spirit of Gordon Solie, called a "Su-play" on the replay.  Striker clubbed at Major but got caught with a sunset flip for 2.  Striker clotheslined Major down, before putting on a head-vice, but Major countered with a neckbreaker.  Major then hit a series of clotheslines before a spinning back elbow put Striker down for 2.  A Striker suplex attempt was small packaged for a 2 count by Major.  Major then came off the ropes with a Thesz Press/Seated Senton, but Striker swatted away the following dropkick.  Striker then hit a knee-assisted neckbreaker, dubbed "The Golden Rule", followed by a spinning facebuster for the win.


Thoughts - 6/10 - Short match, but lots of decent stuff.  It was kept competitive enough for Major not to be buried, which is good if this tag division ever gets off the ground, while giving Striker the win.


Overcoming the odds.  Bit by bit...

They sent it to a recap of RAW on Monday with Bobby Lashley running the World's Worst Gauntlet.  I mean, I could see what they were going for, but really, they should have come one after another.  Hell, they even pretty much recapped it as such, with no real indication that it was spread throughout the night.


CM Punk & Rob Van Dam def. Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von by DQ in a "So, not exactly released then..." match

Before a commercial break, the supposedly released RVD came out first, followed by his partner for the evening, CM Punk.  After the break, Burke came out by himself, coming halfway before Cor Von came out to his own music.  Interesting...


Cor Von & RVD started this one for their teams, with Marcus taking RVD down with a shoulder block.  Cor Von then did some trash talking before they locked up.  Cor Von got another shoulder block, sending RVD into a corner.  Cor Von missed a charge to the corner, prompting RVD to jump up the ropes.  Cor Von tried to fake out RVD's upcoming move, but RVD waited until Cor Von was on the mat before hitting him with a Split-Legged Moonsault. However, Cor Von forced RVD back into his corner, where Burke was tagged in.  RVD hit a couple of arm drags, and then blocked a German suplex attempt.  RVD came off the ropes, where he took a blind tag from Punk, with RVD distracting Burke long enough to set him in position for a springboard clothesline.  Cor Von was then punched from the apron before Burke was sent over the top by Punk as they took their final break.


Back from that break, Cor Von had RVD in a toehold, which was turned into a single-leg Boston crab.  Burke was tagged in, where he continued to work on the leg.  Burke distracted the referee, which allowed Cor Von to attack the leg, using the apron.  Burke worked an STF variant, before Burke rammed both RVD's knees into the mat.  Cor Von came in again, who continued to work on RVD's leg, stomping it in the corner, before pulling him out of that corner by the leg.  Burke came back in.  Burke draped RVD's leg in the corner, ramming both of his knees into the back of RVD's leg.  Cor Von got another tag, locking the single-leg Boston back on, before transitioning into a leg-lace.


Burke was brought back in, but RVD caught him with a sudden enziguri, allowing Rob to tag in Punk.  Punk hit the high knee in the corner followed up by the bulldog, but Cor Von stopped the pin.  RVD kicked Marcus out of the ring, but the former-TNA guy moved out of the way of a plancha by the probable-future (but not yet) TNA guy, Van Dam splatting on the floor.  Punk lifted up Burke for the GTS, but Cor Von kicked Punk in the gut, whipped him and hit the Pounce.  The referee called for the bell.  RVD tried to come back, but the New Breed attacked him, allowing Cor Von to hit a Pounce on RVD.  The New Breed celebrated in the ring and stood over their fallen foes as the show ended.


Thoughts - 7/10 - Pretty good match here, with a nice finish, not just in the referee making a good call, but putting Cor Von and The Pounce over.  Also, the story of the match, with RVD's leg being worked over was well done.  Pretty good stuff all round.


OVERALL - 6/10 (- 1 on last week) - This was an OK show, but it really did screw the pooch in a couple of areas.  Well, one area in two parts, that being the PPV, and for it being a show with an ECW theme, and it being only 2 weeks away , that is rather unacceptable.  And suddenly, where I was pondering 4 or 5 possible matches, other than the already made (on RAW) Lashley vs. McMahon, I’m now just seeing 2 at most, after that, in another Punk vs. Burke match and RVD vs. either Cor Von or Snitsky.  I say either, because while I think Cor Von would make the better match, and be the right person for RVD to put over on his way out, having watched the first part, you just get the impending sense of doom that Snitsky will be the one Van Dam faces.  I think we have to pray on that one.  And how nice it was for ECW to be allowed to recap their ECW Title feud from RAW.  I mean, I understand they needed the 2 hours to do what they wanted this week, but not to have either champion nor challenger on the show isn’t right, even if it was just for a quick promo.


That’s all I got for now, but if you have something to say about this week’s ECW, you can e-mail me at dedicated e-mail address, or come hunt me down on the WWI Forums!

OR, you can find me along with the rest of the dribbling masses on MY OWN MYSPACE PAGE!


Well, I’ll be back on Friday for Smackdown, but for now, I believe I’ve fulfilled my contractual obligations.  For reading this, and continuing to support World Wrestling Insanity, you’re cooler than the other side of the pillow…


I’m out.

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