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Saturday Afternoon's Main Event, Baby Dawgs Arrives, The Jarretts, Radio Free Basham, and More

By James Guttman
May 26, 2007, 12:21


Hey Guys,

Before anything, a big congratulations are in order from everyone here at to our own Matt Dawgs on the birth of his son. Mateo Raymond Aponte arrived yesterday and transformed the Angry Young Man into the Happy Somewhat-Young Daddy. All our best go out to the new family.

Hey. Remember how our ECW/Smackdown Recapper Aaron Wood is from Scotland? No? Well now you know, in case you didn't before. Anyway, one of the pluses to living there (besides the Haggis, of course) is that he'll be seeing Saturday Night's Main Event earlier in the day than we will here in the States. That's good news for you guys as Aaron will be checking in early on to deliver an advanced recap of the show long before it even starts in the U.S. SNME airs next Saturday. Check back for our rundown.

The new Radio Free Insanity goes up tomorrow. Doug Basham's edited interview (and some other things) will be included in this week's show. Don't forget, Doug's full interview on  lasted nearly 40 minutes and covered a ton of subjects including the stress of being Danny Davis's nephew while serving as OVW Champion, shooting on the Tough Enough 4 kids, the Cabinet, ECW One Night Stand 1, being a Heyman Stormtropper, TNA, and so much more. Doug is just one of the over 70 interviews available on as soon as you sign up.

Who's shoot interviews are available on the Club? A ton of people. Just to name a few:

Kevin Nash, Jerry Lawler, Christian Cage, Bobby Heenan, Samoa Joe, Charlie Haas, Earl Hebner, Tom Prichard, The Steiner Brothers, Nick Bockwinkel, Bad News Brown, Vince Russo, Kamala, Rhino, A.J. Styles, Dustin Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Christopher Daniels, Koko B. Ware, DDP, B.G. James, The Iron Sheik, Team 3D's Brother Devon, Buff Bagwell, Christy Hemme, Demolition, Ro-Z, Nora "Molly" Greenwald, Nidia, Ted DiBiase, Jacques Rougeau, Slick, Harley Race, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Paul Bearer, Giant Bernard, Road Warrior Animal, Kevin Sullivan, Paul Bearer, Ole Anderson, Larry Zybszko, Sylvester Terkay, George Steele, Nikolai Vollkoff…

…and many more. Plus, you get all the exclusive audio shows hosted by former WWE stars Kevin Kelly, Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, Orlando Jordan, and D-Lo Brown. Simply go to the Club's free main page: to hear preview clips from the shows and some of our interviews.

Finally, we here at wish to send our condolences to Jeff Jarrett, and the rest of his family, on the passing of his wife, Jill. Jill lost a long battle with cancer this past week and our thoughts are with the Jarretts at this tragic time.

Be Well,


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