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5/28 WWE RAW: Updated Preview of Tonight's Show Including The Main Event

By Mallory Mahling and James Guttman
May 28, 2007, 15:30


JG Note:  Our own Canadian Bulldog will be at tonight's Monday Night Raw/Saturday Night's Main Event tapings.  Stay tuned to World Wrestling Insanity sometime after the show for SNME spoilers and a live in-person report from Raw.

This week Raw will be spending the Memorial Day holiday in Toronto. So save an extra plate of BBQ (with J.R.'s BBQ Sauce, of course) to munch as you spend the waning hours of your holiday right here at

This will be the last Raw before "One Night Stand." Consider yourself warned; if Bobby Lashley is in the building, we may see more of him that we want to.

Here's the preview from

Things are likely to get extreme on Raw as the flagship sails into Toronto, its final destination before One Night Stand.

Headlining a monumental Memorial Day edition of Raw, WWE Champion John Cena teams with Bobby Lashley to face the oversized and massively dangerous team of The Great Khali, Umaga and Shane McMahon in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match. A handful of days before One Night Stand, these five men will have a stand-off on Raw, but in what condition will these combatants leave? What impact will the wreckage have on The Champ before he defends the gold against Khali for a second time? Will Lashley lose a foothole in his conquest of the ECW World Championship? Is this all part of an elaborate web spun by the WWE Chairman?

Speaking of the youngest McMahon male, the Chairmanís son will make a huge announcement on Raw. What foundations will be shook following this mysterious announcement? How will it affect the WWE Superstars as they head into war at One Night Stand? How will it affect the world of sports-entertainment beyond the Extreme Rules pay-per-view?

Also, just as things are heating up outside, the WWE Divas are ready set to turn up the temperature even more in the Memorial Day Bikini Beach Blast Battle Royal, which will kickoff Raw tonight. Be sure to spend your holiday with the Sexiest Women on Television as they rumble on Raw for Diva supremacy. The Divas scheduled to take part in this jaw-dropping match are Candice, Mickie James, Maria, Jillian, Layla, Michelle McCool, Kristal and Melina. The winner will be awarded a special photo shoot.

Cade & Murdoch also continued down a new path last week. With The Hardys under attack by The World's Greatest Tag Team, Kenny Dykstra & Johnny Nitro, Cade & Murdoch rushed to the ring to help the World Tag Team Champions just one night after they challenged them for the gold. Once again, the Southerners shook hands with the champions, taking another step down the path of sportsmanship. Have Cade & Murdoch aligned themselves on the "good side" once and for all?

Donít miss all the action on Raw, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

 **Join us here at for ongoing coverage of Raw Monday night at 9:00 p.m. (ET).**

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