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(Plus Radio Free Insanity Archives With Over 100 guests from the world of professional wrestling,
Audio Shows Hosted By Former WWE Stars, and uncut shoots with some of the most well known names in the industry)






With Paul Roma and James Guttman
34 Mins

Why He Doesn't Get Invited To Horsemen Reunions, The Anger Some Die-Hard Fans Have Because Paul Was a Horseman, The Infamous PPV Shoot On Alex Wright, The People He Called Out On The Way To The Ring, "Destroying" Him For 20 Minutes, Getting Released For It, The Tense Phone Call With Ric Flair Afterwards, Wrestling's Backstage Cliques, Clearing Up False Rumors About His Relationship To FCW's Tookie Tucker, The Insane Reason WCW Sent Him To The Power Plant, TNA's Bad Writing, The Night Power and Glory Turned On The Rockers, Erik Watts, Randy Savage, Brian Pillman, Dean Malenko, and More

Tommy Rich.
The Wildfire Shoot - 60 Minutes

The "Real Deal Story" Of His NWA Title Win, A Response To Critics of It, Very Harsh Words For Michael Hayes, Heat With Ric Flair, The Man-on-Man Jacuzzi Skit That Turned Him Off From WWE, The Two Things He Had With Him The Night He Hid Under The Ring For Lawler-Idol, John Cena Blaming Old School Wrestling For Drugs, How Paul Heyman "Used To Talk a Rebel's Game," The Wrestler Who Named Him Wildfire, The Wrestler Who Wanted To Bring Him To The WWF, What Happened When He Tried Steroids, The Last Battle of Atlanta, The Promise Abdullah The Butcher Kept, Heat With Bill Watts, The Insane Payouts He Got From Bill and Eddie Graham, What Happened For The First Time At The ICP Show That Never Happened In His Entire Career, Why He Went To The AWA, Drinking, Vince McMahon Sr., Wahoo McDaniel, Chris Benoit, Dusty Rhodes in Polka Dots, and More

JG's Audio Insanity- 23 Mins

James Guttman looks at the JBL vs. a Big Brother UK housemate, Jeremy Piven as a Big Brother U.S. Housemate, the Insanity of releasing Brian Kendrick when they did, the Ezekial Jackson/Virgil Analogy, Mr. Kennedy, how to attract young athletes to wrestling again, and more.

Magnum T.A.
Terry Allen Uncut - 32 Minutes

The One Thing That Would Have Made Him Jump To WWF, How Vince McMahon Sr. Almost Had The Magnum T.A. Gimmick First, Carrying The Best of Seven Series With a Rookie Nikita Kolloff, How Bill Watts Ended Up With It, His Resemblance To Jake Roberts, Being "Trained" By Buzz Sawyer, Vince McMahon's Feelings About NWA Stars Going To WWE, Today's Best Heel, Polka Dot Dusty Rhodes, Polka Dot Ricky Steamboat, Why He's Not a WWE Producer, A Reason Sting Didn't Go To WWE, Ernie Ladd, Ric Flair, Triple H, Steve Austin, Jim Herd, Ted Turner, and More

"Winterz Wonderland" with Jason Winterz- 24 Minute Debut

ClubWWI welcomes the stylings of Jay Winterz. On the Wonderland debut, we talk about Shaq , Big Show, my amazing debut, the money spent on securing the top free agent (Jason Winterz).  A 1st round recap of the first ever 16 cartoon championship tournament. With such cartoon stars as Spongebob, Fred Flintstone, Wolverine , The Garbage Pail Kids and many more... who will move on??

JG's Audio Insanity- 25 Mins

James Guttman looks at the big pitfalls of WWE's Celebrity Hosts, the problems that are springing up now, the problems that will spring up later, TNA's "RAW" Insanity, Erik Watts's stance on Samoa Joe, why Erik is right, the Brother Ray analogy, and more.

"Aaron Wood Bites The Week"- 68 Mins

Just a bunch of news and show reports in this week's audio newsletter for a visual world, including Ric Flair's scratchy face, HHH's cream pie (and cake) surprise and Chris Jericho's big blue choice of partner.

With Erik Watts and James Guttman
68 Minute Debut

Inaccurate Reports About Damian Steele's Death, The Real Problems With Internet Reporting, The Crazy Story of Goldilocks Feuding With His Ex-Wife, How His Parking Lot Angle With Arn Anderson in WCW Almost Got Him Arrested, The Anti-Erik Watts Newsletter, TNA Pushing Samoa Joe Too Hard, Heat With Jeff Jarrett, Why People Tried To Attack Him To Get At His Dad, Why That Was Comical, WWE Forcing Wrestlers To Fly In For Free Gifts, Advice To Indy Workers Looking To Profit On Unused Plane Tickets, Sending Shawn Michaels Mid-South Videos, How You Can Get Rare Mid-South Footage, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Main Event Mafia, Bill Watts, Vince Russo, Paul Heyman, Bull Buchanan, and Much More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Tully Blanchard, Evad Sullivan, Rory McAllister, and Ron Simmons

"Aaron Wood Bites The Week"- 72 Mins

This week's audio newsletter for a visual world takes in TNA's crappy PPV, AJ's even crappier week and some fairly crappy DVD possibilities. But then, there's the possibility of seeing TNA boobies in print! So you know, silver lining and all that...

JG's Audio Insanity- 37 Mins

James Guttman announces the name of a BRAND NEW CLUBWWI AUDIO HOST, details on Damien Steele's passing, cut and paste sites that don't think they are, why it's so frustrating to deal with them, JG's top choice for Chris Jericho's tag partner, who the final Raw Celebrity Host should be, why it might take a while, why that's okay, why WWE is still searching for the next direction, how they got their other ideas, why the "wrestling cycle" arugment is still wrong, and more.

Ron Simmons
Damn Shoot- 20 Minutes

The Origin of The "Faaroq" Name, An APA Reunion, Misconceptions About The Nation of Domination's Real Enemy, His Chemistry With Bradshaw, Being Inducted Into The College Football Hall of Fame, How The "DAMN" Gimmick Started, How He Developed His Wrestling Style, Training Under Hiro Matsuda, Helping To Sprinboard The Rock's Career, Keeping In Touch With Butch Reed, Getting Nominated For The Heisman Trophy, Going From WCW Hero To WWF Villain, and More

JG's Audio Insanity: Victory Road 2009- 37 Mins

James Guttman looks at TNA Victory Road 2009, Slick Johnson's job security, the downfall of Daniels, why he won't get an exciting gimmick ever again, the shockingly bad match of the night, Samoa Joe's love for Taz, the Angle-Jarret shwork, Nash's good times, The British Invasion, and More.

"Aaron Wood Bites The Week"- 76 Mins

This week's audio newsletter for a visual world sees Aaron wade through a bunch of weird stories from Mexico and the US, as well as thoughts on subjects as diverse as Brock Lesnar's husbandly duties, RAWbot Chicken and Pretty Ricky. A fun show, so check it out!

Rory McAllister
The Highlander Shoots - 43 Minutes

The Night TNA Showed His Partner Robbie On Camera At TNA, Johnny Ace's Irate Response, Robbie's Public Apology To The WWE Roster That Night, Why Paul Heyman Didn't Want To Push Him in OVW, Who Paul Was Focused On, Being Upset With The Disprectful End To The Spirit Squad, The Night DX Beat All WWE's Tag Teams At Once, Going From Sheepherder Gimmick To Bushwhacker Gimmick, Talking To Hunter and Vince About His Unhappiness, Knowing What Would Happen To The Highlanders In WWE, Heat Between WWE's Tag Teams, Not Having Any Animosity, Hounding Tom Prichard For Work, Why He's a Fan of Dave Batista, Chris Candido, Waldo Von Erich, Johnny Jeter, Shane Helms, and More  

JG's Audio Insanity -28 Mins

James Guttman looks at UFC 100, Lesnar's post-fight promo, looking at it with a cynical wrestling eye, whether it was a work, the similarities between wrestling and reality TV, the allure of UFC, Bisping vs. Henderson, WWE's Celebrity Crossovers, other publicity stunts, what no one is saying about this one, Seth Green on Raw, Mr. T, Master P, and more.

JG's Audio Insanity -28 Mins

James Guttman looks at improved promos vs. scripted ones, the argument for the scripted side, AWA wrestling, the heel qualities of Buddy Rose, the incredibly underrated Adrian Adonis, why that is, an in-depth look at his feud with Roddy Piper, how it helped get over a number of guys, Tookie Tucker - Not Related To Paul Roma, Damian DeMento getting attention, John Cena Sr. officiating his son's wedding, and more.

JG's Audio Insanity: One Big Name Away-21 Mins

James Guttman discusses the thought process that TNA is one big name away from taking the next step, the only way TNA can truly make a splash with Hulk Hogan, analyzing recent releases and how they could (or couldn't) work there, how WWE has created a structure that makes big name jumps nearly impossible, and more.

Dave "Evad" Sullivan
!'Nitoohs - 32 Minutes

Why He Never Went To The WWF, Being Told He Was The Inspiration For Eugene, Who Created The Evad Gimmick, Hulk Hogan's Weird Gift, Never Being Given a Reason For His WCW Release, Why Fans Connect With Triple H, The Logic Holes of Fighting a Man With a Sledgehammer, Ric Flair's Longevity, Whether He'd Be a Part of Today's Wrestling, ECW, Vince McMahon Getting Blown Up, Rick Rudem Harley Race, GWF, Hawk, and More  

"Aaron Wood Bites The Week"- 66 Mins

Join Aaron as he takes his weekly munch through the news, including his thoughts on The Bash, The 15 Person Trade, The FCW Invasion and a bunch more things that start with the word "The!" An audio newsletter for a visual world!

The ClubWWI 3:10 Countdown --134 Minutes

James Guttman, Aaron Wood, and Mike Rickard choose the Top 10 Most Underrated Stars in WWE, WCW, and TNA history. 30 in total!

Tully Blanchard
Shooting With The Horseman - 34 Minutes

Turning Down The Original Brainbusters Logo, Why He Argued With NBC During Saturday Night's Main Event, The Worst WWF Tag team He Worked With, His Chemistry With Arn Anderson, Paul Roma Replacing Him In The Four Horsemen, The Brainbusters Reuniting In Today's WWE, Being a Promoter's Son, How Failing a WWF Drug Test Changed His Life, Why Some In Wrestling Didn't Like Him, Training With Lou Thesz, His Prison Ministry, Ric Flair, Demolition, Bobby Heenan, Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Sam Houston, Dave Taylor, Ken Patera, and Paul Roma's "Glorious"

(Debut) "Aaron Wood Bites The Week"- 74 Mins

From one end of the wrestling globe to the other, Aaron debuts a new show taking a daily look at the week's news and serving it up in one tasty weekly packlage. An audio newsletter for a visual world!

JG's Audio Insanity: The Donald, The Bash, and More-27 Mins

James Guttman discusses the sudden Donald Trump ending on Raw, how Donald could have been used best, preview and predictions for the Bash, why WWE doesn't get the point of reality television, the time he saw Michael Jackson in concert, and more.

JG's Audio Insanity: Saving TNA-20 Mins

James Guttman reveals his storyline that would have gotten TNA everything they wanted - star power, mainstream attention, WWE embarrassment...and why now it can never happen.

Ken Patera
Shootin' With The World's Strongest Man - 46 Minutes

Why He Retired At The 1988 Survivor Series, Vince McMahon: "Ruthless Son-of-a-Bitch," Details of His One Sided AWA Contract, Walking Out The Night He Was Asked To Lose The Georgia Title To Tommy Rich, Early Days of AWA Cameraman Eric Bischoff, Crowd Reaction The Night He Jobbed To The Red Rooster, Why No One Does The Spinning Full Nelson Today, Public Reaction After He Cut Andre The Giant's Hair, Showcasing His Real Life Issues During His WWF Return, Why Big John Studd Didn't Work As "The World's Strongest Man," Rooming With a Rookie Ric Flair, The Grand Wizard, Lou Albano, Vince Sr., Rocky Johnson, Big Bossman, and More

JG's Audio Insanity-28 Mins

James Guttman talks about tomorrow night's uncut shoot interview, reader questions, The N.W.O., the Monday Night Wars, thoughts on DX's rise and longevity, general managers, life without them, new school observations, why wrestling's truly stale, and more

With Paul Roma and James Guttman
34 Mins

Mick Foley: "Idiot Clown," Ric Flair Returning at 70, TNA's "Piss Poor" Wrestling, TNA's Stupid Ring, Hulk Hogan's Joke of a Heel Turn, Batista: "Not An Athlete," Comparing Shawn Michaels's Face To Michael Jackson's, The Backstage Run-In He and Hercules Had With The Hart Foundation, How Bret Hart Was a Gentleman Afterwards, His Relative Tookie Tucker in FCW, Trump Buying Raw, Feelings About The Ultimate Warrior, A Parting Salute For Vince McMahon, Why Vince Didn't Like Paul Orndorff, and More

Dave Taylor
Blue Blood Straight Talk - 42 Minutes

The Question He Asked At A WWE Meeting That Lead To His Release, Shock Over A Question Shawn Michaels Asked Him, Donald Trump Buying Monday Night Raw, Comparing Trump To David Arquette, Being Backstage The Night Hulk Hogan Turned Heel, Who Suggested He And Paul Burchill Interrupt The U.S. Anthem To Sing "God Save The Queen," The Dangerous Heat That Followed, Bill DeMott's Training Methods, What Ring of Honor Wanted To Have Him Do, Why It Didn't Happen, The Surprising Reaction Some Fans Have To Seeing William Regal, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, Floyd Mayweather, Randy Orton, Finlay, and More

JG's Audio Insanity: Extreme Rules Preview-23 Mins

James Guttman talks about tonight's Free For All Raw, Batista's Virgil Effect, Return of The Game, CM Punk As a Tweener, Tommy Dreamer's Adventure, More ECW Logic Holes, Tonight's Raw Insanity, and More

"The Bullpen "
With Bull Buchanan and James Guttman
22 Mins

The Sudden Death of Mitsuharu Misawa, Details On The Match, Personal Stories of Misawa, Dangers In The Ring, How Japanese Culture Approaches Wrestling Deaths vs. American Response, Misawa's Place in NOAH, Matches of His Fans Should See, and More

Good Morning with James Guttman---33 Minutes

Start your morning with James Guttman. JG discusses the changing face of wrestling, what's different today than before, where all the fans are going, WWE's outlook, TNA's outlook, why they have these outlooks, the desire to be considered a "genius," and more.

JG's Audio Insanity: Extreme Rules Preview-29 Mins

James Guttman talks about WWE's weird view of "Extreme," what makes no sense about this pay-per-view's name, predictions for all the matches, Dreamer's Chances, Matt Hardy's Face, why Batista-Orton could be disappointing, the match that could steal the show, emotional monsters, and more

Sam Houston
Uncut Shoot - 52 Minutes

Bouncing Back From His Time in Jail, Battling Alcoholism, Missing Mid-South Wrestling, Misconceptions People Have About His Father Grizzly Smith, His Brother Jake Roberts, The Day He Got Fired From The UWF, The Popularity of Soap Operas Among Inmates, Funny Stories of Ghetto Indy Championships, Losing His House in Katrina, His Sister Rockin' Robin and The Story of Her Ab-Lounger, Bad News Brown, Kofi Kingston, "Dangerous" Danny Davis, The New Mid-South Wrestling, Baby Doll, and More

Good Morning with James Guttman---25 Minutes

Start your morning with James Guttman. JG looks at the intense coverage of "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here," what constitutes wrestling news, Big Show, Randy Orton's Mexican Meltdown (video on flash page), famous cases of wrestlers having confrontations with reporters, the full episode of Hogan vs. Belzer, Vader in Kuwait, why reporters ask wrestlers rude questions, Ric Flair's "street fight," why Flair's return is a few months too late, the new uncut shoot interview, and more

His WWE Release, Who Came Up With The Idea For Santino Marella's Unibrow, Santino vs. The Nation of Domination, Ring of Honor's Important Crossroad, Returning To TNA, Returning To The WWE Locker Room For The First Time, UFC vs. WWE, Watching The Rise of The Rock, What ECW Is, Pitching Ideas, Fit Finlay, Between The Ropes, Jerry Lynn, 123 Kid vs. Razor Ramon, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Mr. Fuji and Paul Orndorff

JG's Audio Insanity: Why ECW's The Best Wrestling Show -33 Mins

James Guttman talks about his horrendous Tuesday night, how ECW reminded him why he got into wrestling to begin with, why young stars should want to go to ECW, the pitfalls of a two hour show, TNA's game of Follow the Leader...straight to hell, Supply and Demand, why Hulk Hogan was so over in the 1980s, and more.

Going Old School with Mike Rickard: Two Part WrestleMania 1 Special --101 Minutes

Going Old School with Mike Rickard ---34 Minutes

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
The Devious Shoot - 33 Minutes

Why He Hasn't Watched a Full Wrestling Show in 15 Years, Timing His Steel Cage Match Tie Against Hulk Hogan, Main Eventing WrestleMania 1, How Monthly Pay-Per-Views are Stupid, His Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Induction vs. His WWE Hall of Fame Induction, The Best Matches of His Career, Not Being a Fan Before Wrestling, How Obama Is Hurting The Country, "Short and Fat" Oliver Humperdink, Advice He Did an Didn't Take From Bobby Heenan, Paul Roma, Tito Santana, Bob Backlund, and More

JG's Audio Insanity: Flair, Harts, and More -32 Mins

James Guttman looks at the Judgement Day, WWE's big PPV problem, why this week was a huge example of it, getting your money's worth, eager wrestling fans being taken advantage of, why TNA is missing a huge opportunity, and a rant on "Internet Rasslin' Shows" that take cheap shots at guests.

JG's Audio Insanity: Flair, Harts, and More -38 Mins

James Guttman looks at the Ric Flair's "itch," why he shouldn't return, how Ric's WWE retirement could be seen as a message to Bret Hart, the 10 Year Annivesary of "Wrestling With Shadows," the new 2 DVD set, looking at Bret's "Ten Years Later" interview, review of "Life and Death of Owen Hart" docuementary, Mick Foley, Roddy Piper, Terry Funk, and More

JG's Audio Insanity -27 Mins

James Guttman looks at the "What Type of Wrestling Fan Are You" Quiz on the Insanity Forums, The Most Underrated Wrestler, The Latest TNA Impact, The Main Event Mafia, The Two Hour Impact Problem, Why Unscripted Promos Don't Work With an Overly Scripted Product, Don West, Mr. Fuji, Rick Martel, and More

Mr. Fuji
The Devious Shoot - 33 Minutes

Why He Never Went To WCW, Improving "Fuji Vice," The Advice That Yokozuna Didn't Follow, Why He Never Turned Good, The One Time They Tried It As a Joke, What Vince McMahon Told Him When He First Took Over WWF, Not Watching TNA, The Death of Crush, Wrestling Mean Gene, Baby Randy Orton, His Son's WWE Tryout, Why He Was Happy To Change Outfits From Tuxedo To Kimono, His Previous Career In Aluminum Siding, Don Muraco, Ultimate Warrior, Demolition, The Destroyer, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Manny Fernandez and Outback Jack

Outback Jack
Shootin' Your Kangaroo Down, Sport - 32 Minutes

The WWF Championship He Was Supposed To Win, Vince McMahon’s Ego, The Feud He Proposed Against Skinner, McMahon’s Reaction, Why He Never Went To WCW, Why He Feuded With Killer Khan For Four Months, The Secret of Khan’s Green Mist, Losing His Sight, Why He Never Turned Heel, The Heaviest Laziest Man He Ever Had To Work With, The 1987 Slammy’s Travelling With Andre The Giant, Drinking Beer, His Greatest Match, Stu Hart, Randy Savage, Lou Thesz, The Kangaroos, The Funks, and More

JG's Audio Insanity: Macho Madness and TNA vs. The Fans-27 Mins

James Guttman looks at the new Macho Man Randy Savage WWE DVD Set, each match, what it could mean for Savage's relationship with WWE, JG's take on the Savage-WWE issues, the forgotten Macho Man-Smackdown Connection, and more. Plus, the TNA vs. The Fans debate. Are the fans too hard? Is the company really that bad? Bit of both really...

JG's Audio Insanity: Buddy Rose and The Changing Face of Wrestling-37 Mins

James Guttman looks at the passing of Buddy Rose, the changing face of wrestling, the true greatness of those like Buddy, burnout factor in wrestlers, burnout factor of writers, a look at wrestling from a new writer's point of view, famous wrestling moments that would have looked terrible on paper, why the future of wrestling is more about its past, and more.

Manny Fernandez
Raging With The Bull - 34 Minutes

Not Wanting To Have The "Dusty Rhodes Mentality," His Hatred For Paul Jones, Advising Rick Rude To Leave Their US Tag Championship Team and Jump to WWF, Rude's Hatred For Jones, Trying To Convince Rick That Bobby Heenan Would Be a Different Manager, Ric Flair: "Garbage Champion," The Fall of The GWF, The Original Ending To The Infamous Bungee Match, Why He Won't Go To TNA, What He'd Do To Hulk Hogan In The First Five Seconds of a Match, Being a Navy Seal, Reject Hollywood Writers Doing Wrestling, The Issue Between Homicide and AJ Styles, John "Hawk" Layfield, The Ebony Experience, Terry Funk, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

John Cena Sr. and "Kizarny" Sinn Bowdee

Good Morning with James Guttman---25 Minutes

It's truly a good morning with James Guttman...because the weekend was hell. JG explains the insanity of NY's high temps mixed with a non-working central air conditioner mixed with busy repair people mixed with an 11 month old. So, back at the house, James looks at the great debate regarding Christian Cage and his "It Factor." Does he have "it?" Guttman runs down all the variables over his morning coffee including a look at how the company can help or hurt a star and some examples of big names that might never have been able to prove their worth.

Good Morning with James Guttman---47 Minutes

Join James Guttman as he makes his morning coffee and talks about everything on his mind including Hulk Hogan's recent insane comments, Hulk's legacy, Hercules Hernandez, why bad publicity is sometimes just bad publicity, Jim Cornette's rant on the state of the business, the Rougeaus vs. The Hart Foundation, what made Gorilla Monsoon great, Hornswoggle, how everyone is scripted today although they don't admit it (except one guy), a Club Member question, and more.

"Kizarny" Sinn Bowdee
Shizooting On The Clizub - 42 Minutes

His Ten Second WWE Stint, Surprise Over His Release, Growing Up as a Carnie, His Best Friend Ever - Edge, Jumping Around The Hotel Room with Edge and Christian The Night Christian Returned To WWE, Who's Idea It Was To Make Him Speak Carnie For Every Word, Putting a Rubber Duck in Jake Roberts' Snake Bag, Filming The Kizarny Vignettes, The Wild West Days of TNA, His Ideas For The Kizarny Character, How The WWE PG Rating Affected Him, Scaring Fans in Puerto Rico, Droz, Jimmy Valiant, Michael Hayes, Dusty Rhodes, Ahmed Johnson, Robert DeNiro, and More

JG's Audio Insanity: TNA -31 Mins

Why is no one enjoying TNA? James Guttman looks at the reasons, what WWE has done to add to it, TNA's usage of former WWE stars versus WWE's usage of former TNA stars, lessons from WCW, overhype and lack of hype, Lockdown, and more.

JG's Audio Insanity: The 2009 Draft -36 Mins

From the timing to the presentation, James Guttman looks at the entire 2009 Draft including each of the 30+ stars drafted, their new brand, future prosepects and those who are teetering between breaking out and dropping out.

John Cena Sr.
The Father of Thuganomics - 40 Minutes

Being The First To Take Randy Orton's Head Punt, What Triple H Told Him After It, What Dusty Rhodes Told Him Before It, The Comment That Will "Probably Get My Head Kicked In By My Son," His Negative Reaction To His Son's Announcement That He Was Going To Wrestling School, How John Proved Him Wrong, Why He Turned Down a TNA PPV Appearance, TNA's Misuse of Talent, The Time His Son Stopped His Limo Near MSG To Meet a Handicapped Fan, Vince McMahon's "Sports Entertainment," Batista's Presumed Upcoming Heel Turn, Plans To Open a Wrestling School, How His Son and JG Reacted The Same To His Request For a Movie Role, Samoa Joe, Roddy Piper, JBL, Abyss, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Kenny Dykstra and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Going Old School with Mike Rickard ---20 Minutes

JG's Audio Insanity-30 Mins

WWE's Post WrestleMania Raw, Brock Lesnar and X-Pac, Filler Matches, Filler Segments, Filler Shows, Reader Questions, Jim Brunzell, The Brooklyn Brawler, C.M. Punk's Scattered Boos, The Rerun In The Bank, How Hunter-Orton Should Have Stolen From Funk-Douglas, WWE Tweaking Characters They Didn't Create, and more

JG's Post WrestleMania 25 and Hall of Fame Review-1 Hour

Non-Televised Hall of Fame Moments, Stone Cold's Last Night Before He's Apparently Killed, Money In The Bank Issues, Kofi's Illogical Legdrop, Miss Santina, The New Jericho Becomes The Old Jericho, Jeff Hardy's Illogical Table Spot, King Kong Bundy's Reserved Spot In The Hall of Fame, The Greatest Match in Years, Why Shawn Michaels Is Amazing, John Cena's Entourage of Cows, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Randy Savage, and More

Hacksaw Jim Duggan
On Location at WrestleMania 25 - 30 Minutes

Critics Who Blame Vince McMahon For The Deaths of Wrestlers, How TNA Isn't Competition To WWE, Chris Jericho's Fight With Fans, How Eric Bischoff Tried To Get Him To Quit WCW, Developing The Hacksaw Persona With Bruiser Brody in Houston, Bill Watts In The Hall of Fame, Ribbing Cryme Tyme, Wrestlers Who Had Issues Working With Andre The Giant, His Original Gimmick Under Vince McMahon Sr., Saving Brian Blair From Being Humbled, Lex Luger and Other Guys Promoters Tried To Put His Gimmick On, Beating Steve Austin So Bad That "He Had To Shave His Head And Change His Name," Ultimate Warrior, Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, Randy Savage, Tito Santana, and More

Kenny Dykstra
The Club Gets Some Spirit - 49 Minutes

Thinking That Vince McMahon Was Joking About The Spirit Squad Gimmick, Why They Debuted Badly, The Night DX Mailed Him To OVW In A Box On Raw, Training Under Killer Kowalski at 13, Debuting In WWE At 16, The Time WWE Asked His Favorite Wrestler And He Gave The Wrong Answer, Wanting To Turn The Spirit Squad Babyface, The WWE Wrestler Who Was Supposed To Be In The Squad, His Challenges To Lenny Dysktra, Pinning Ric Flair, Pinning Shawn Michaels, Why He's Apprehensive About Working Ring of Honor, Victoria, Dolph Ziggler, TNA, Andre The Giant, LOD's Foam Spikes, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Colin Delaney

JG's Audio Review of Legends of WrestleMania -36 Minutes

In-Depth Review of WWE Legends of WrestleMania including strange commentary moments, WrestleMania Tour, CAL, and more. Plus, talk of WWE Raw, how the company isn't spreading out it's stories, and the short jump from New School to Old.

Colin Delaney
Shootin' With The Underdog - 33 Minutes

How WWE Wanted To Change His Name, Why It Never Happened, Assuming He Wouldn't Get Signed To a WWE Contract, Tazz's Influence on His Storyline, The Time Tony Atlas Called Him "Tom" on TV, How It Happened All The Time, Why He Thinks He Was Turned Heel In The Way He Was, Lack of Long Term Planning, The Upcoming Chikara Trios Tournament, TNA Possibilities, The Brain Busters, Tommy Dreamer, Big Daddy V, Shawn Michaels, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

D-Ray 3000

D-Ray 3000
Hey Ya - 30 Minutes

How He Ended Up As Smackdown's Ethiopian Champion, The Big Differences Between WWE and TNA, Why His Final TNA Meeting and Release Still Bother Him, The Legend Who Ran That Meeting, The TNA Star Who Came Up With The D-Ray Name, TNA's Changing Attitude Towards Talent, Why Wrestling Video Games Make Him Mad, Randy Savage in WWE's Hall of Fame, Living With Sika, Shark Boy, Great Muta, Tommy Dreamer, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Sivi Afi

JG Audio Insanity--20 Minutes

New Interactive Q&A on Each ClubWWI Page, The New Uncut Shoot Interviews, Legends of WrestleMania: The Game, The People Who Should Have Home Invasion Angles, The People Who Should Not, Pacing, Why It's The Best Time To Be a Disenchanted Wrestling Fan, and More

JG Audio Insanity--20 Minutes

New Interactive Q&A on Each ClubWWI Page, The New Uncut Shoot Interviews, Legends of WrestleMania: The Game, The People Who Should Have Home Invasion Angles, The People Who Should Not, Pacing, Why It's The Best Time To Be a Disenchanted Wrestling Fan, and More

James Guttman Audio---15 Minutes

James Guttman looks at the career and passing of Andrew "Test" Martin.

Sivi Afi
Calling From Samoa....
Shootin' Fire - 30 Minutes

The Reason His "High Chief" Afi Stint Was So Short, Being The Third Islander, Today's Wrestling Product, WWF Politics, The Next Wrestling Generation of The Afi Family, Teaming With Jimmy Snuka, His Plans To Open a Wrestling School in Samoa, How His Early Life of Crime Lead To His Life As An Evangelist Today, His New Book, and More

Good Morning with James Guttman---32 Minutes

Join James Guttman as he makes his morning coffee and talks about everything on his mind including this week's uncut shoot interview (and others in the works), the return of Christian Cage, Jim Cornette's comments on Vince McMahon, the way things were and the way things are, people reporting about angles that were "supposed to happen," why some stars have bad reps even if they're nice people, and more.

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Glacier Ray Lloyd

"The Bullpen "
With Bull Buchanan and James Guttman
66 Mins

WWE Ignoring Randy Savage, D-Lo Brown's Untapped WWE Potential, Teaming With D-Lo Again In Japan, Undertaker in TNA, How WWF Dumbed Down His Favorite '80s Stars, How Everything That Can Be "Worked" Is, Bob Holly's Prediction About a Possibly Worked NASCAR Result, The Rise of Jericho and Orton, Bob Sapp Getting Carried By K1, The WWE Omission of Chris Benoit, Why Wrestlers Get Defensive About The Business, Christian Cage's ECW Return, Crazy Uncle Ralph, Koko B. Ware, Dog The Bounty Hunter, and More

(Debut) "The Ratings Are In" With R.D. Leegtg18 Minutes

In his ClubWWI Audio Debut, R.D. Lee shows why he equals ratings as he talks with Cincinatti Red, pro wrestling trainer and head of the E.W.F. They discuss "The Wrestler," WrestleMania 25, His Victory Over Terry Funk, video games and...of course, Aaron Wood.

Ray "Glacier" Lloyd
Club Runs Cold - 60 Minutes

The Huge WWE Name He Almost Used First, The Original Gimmick He Pitched To Eric Bischoff, Filming His Scene In "No Holds Barred," How He Paid To Save His WCW Job... Twice, The Midnight Debate With Eric Bischoff That Convinced Him To Use The Glacier Name, Getting Tired Of His Own Vignettes, Kanyon's New Love Of Texting, The False Story On His Wikipedia Page, Curt Hennig, Demolition, Terry Taylor, D.D.P., and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Chris Harris

Going Old School with Mike Rickard ---29 Minutes

The ClubWWI 3:10 Countdown --130 Minutes

James Guttman, Aaron Wood, and Canadian Bulldog choose their Top 10 Favorite Theme Songs in WWE, WCW, and TNA. 30 in total! (Including Clips From Each Choice!)

Chris Harris
ClubAMW - 42 Minutes

How WWE Was The Most Miserable Time of His Career, Alternative Choices To Braden Walker, Talking To Christian After His WWE Return Last Night, Worry Over Legal Action From The TV Show "America's Most Wanted," Kid Kash's Apology, The Time AMW and Jeff Jarrett Beat Up a Fan in The Ring, Guys in TNA Who Are Hogging The Spotlight, How Borash and Tenay Helped AMW, James Storm, Bret Hart, Curt Hennig, Mick Foley, Vince Russo, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Armando Estrada

Armando Estrada
The Shootin' Cuban - 48 Minutes

Disappointment Over The Colin Delaney Angle, His Unused Ideas For The Delaney Feud, Being Phased Out of The Umaga-Lashley WrestleMania Angle, What TNA Needs To Do To Get Him, The Current WWE Star He Wanted To Manage, What Went Wrong On His First Night in WWE, Vince McMahon: The Performer, The Controversial Osama Gimmick, Paul Heyman's Time in OVW, How Divas Killed Managers, Bobby Heenan, J.J. Dillon, Dr. Tom Prichard, WCCW, AWA, His New Business, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:


J.G. Audio Report---29 Minutes

Royal Rumble Thoughts, The Wrestler Jack Swagger Reminds Him Of, The Hardy Turn, Working Stiff, RVD 4:20, How the JBL-Michaels Storyline Could Have Made Sense, The Wrestler, The Movie It Was The Opposite Of, JG's Least Favorite Club Interview, Thoughts On The Next Uncut Interview Guest, Best Scenes In The Wrestler, and More

The Extreme Shoot - 40 Minutes

What Vince McMahon Admitted To Her About ECW, The Original Gimmick WWF Pitched Her In The Mid 90s, The Angle WWF Pitched Her in 2001, Why She Turned Them Both Down, Which McMahon Was An ECW Fan, How Paul Heyman Got Her on WWE TV, What The Office Said About It, Hiding In WWE's Locker Room With a Book, New ECW vs. Original ECW, Why She Never Would Have Left ECW, Loyalty In Wrestling, Her Pregnancy, Rick Rude, Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, Sensational Sherri, Tod Gordon, and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Dangerous Danny Davis

Dangerous Danny Davis
The Evil Ref's Evil Shoot- 33 Minutes

The Evil Referee Gimmick, How He Got Under The Skin of Fans, Whether The Santana-Savage Match Was Originally Part of His Turn, The WWF Wrestler Who's Wrestling Outfit Changed The Original Plans For His Ring Attire, Scoring The Pin at WrestleMania 3, The Hulk Hogan-Paul Orndorff Saturday Night's Main Event Cage Match Tie, When Mean Gene Visited The Hart Foundation Offices, People Confusing Him With OVW's Danny Davis, Lack of Respect From Today's Wrestlers, Why He Clicked With Sam Houston, Mr. X, Ultimate Warrior, Bobo Brazil, Harley Race, Bruno Sammartino, Vince McMahon and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Ronnie Garvin

Ronnie Garvin
The Rugged Shoot - 40 Minutes

What He Did That Made Dusty Rhodes Jealous, Losing The World Title And Never Getting a Rematch, The Legend Who Purposely Screwed Up Ronnie's World Title Run, Randy Orton's Use of The Garvin Stomp, The Illogical Thing That Happens In Almost Every Match, Why He Hated Doing Tag Team Matches, How the Veterans Used To Toughen You Up, Kurt Angle, Killer Kowalski, Greg Valentine, Vince McMahon, Ted DiBiase Jr., and More

JG's Radio Free Insanity:

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley
Kicking Off '09 - 35 Minutes

The Bank Robbery That Lead To His Pro Wrestling Debut, Alternate Gimmicks WWE Offered, TNA Possibilities, Working With Donald Trump, Assumptions That He's Anti-Wrestling, What Would Have Made His Match Against John Cena Better, The Two Toughest People in WWE, Wanting To Turn Heel, Why He Wasn't Given a Manager, "Paying Dues," Leaving WWE, Being Stripped of The ECW Title, Who He Wishes Was His Only MMA Sponsor, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Booker T, Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle, Dr. Tom Prichard, and More

"The Bullpen "
With Bull Buchanan and James Guttman
81 Mins

The Insanity 2008 Year End Award Winners, The Story Behind Godfather's Brutal Table Spot on Victoria, What Vince McMahon Told Bull About WWE's Approach To Television, The Three Wrestlers Who Got The Most Consistent Reaction, The Annoying Right To Censor Music and Why It Worked, When WWE's Backstage Attitude Changed, The Myth of The Good Worker, ROH Mentality, Chris Benoit, Edge, Chris Nowinski, TNA, Rey vs. Kane, Chris Jericho, Kizarny, Curry Man, and More












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