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World Wrestling Insanity FLASH GAMES & ANIMATIONS
Each one of the games below will provide you with hours of entertainment. Great for single play or challenge your friends to see who gets the highest score. Plug your laptop into the back of your flat screen TV and enjoy the sounds of the game through your surround sound system for added fun.

Insanity Bowling

If you want to make your strikes, you have to risk your balls. So grab your bowling ball and tie your shoes. You need to aim the arrow and knock down the pins. Be careful, though. Triple H may try to fake you out with a pin of his own.

Insanity Pinball

Try to get the title shots without butting heads with Vince or ending up injured...or in rehab. Lose your grapefruits and you're FIRED!

World War Insanity

For all of you WWE die-hards out there. Here's your chance to play the role of a McMahon and shoot down the copies of World Wrestling Insanity before they infiltriate your headquarters and arenas. Be sure to watch out for the Ace and his evil skateboards.

Insanity 3D Ping Pong

You ever hear of product placement?

Me too.

World Wrestling Insanity Memory

Relive the Insanity and see how good your memory is. It's like the childhood game you remember, only with Vince, Trips, and all the gang there to cheer you on!



Triple H's Be Prepared

Insanity ABCs

Ghetto Vince's Rap - (NSFW)

J.R.'s Video Killed the Radio Star



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